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Zoe Laverne, who is also known as Zoe Laverne Pemberton, is an American TikToker, internet personality, and social media personality. Most people know her because she has the crowned muser and top style guru badges on the TikTok app.

She also has a YouTube channel. Between her YouTube channel and her other social media accounts, she has millions of followers. As of right now, she is one of the most influential people on social media in the US.

Zoe Laverne Net Worth

Early Life

Zoe Laverne is 21 years old as of 2022. She was born on June 3, 2001. She grew up in Indiana, United States, with a family from the upper middle class. She is an American citizen and believes in the Christian religion.

She went to Franklin Community High School and Greenwood Community High School when she was younger. After that, she enrolled in a private college in Indiana, where she finished her degree.

She has wanted to be a well-known actress and model in the business since she was a child. To follow her dream, she has worked hard on herself and is now ready to become the next big name in the American entertainment business.


In 2016, Zoe Laverne began her career as a social media star. She starts posting short lip-sync, fun, singing, and dancing videos to her TikTok account, which helps her get a lot of attention on the internet.


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She also started a YouTube channel with her name on it and another one called Cody & Zoe, where she posts vlogs about her life and other interesting videos.

She got a musical crown and a badge for being a top style guru on the TikTok app. She also sells her goods on popular e-commerce sites like com and teespring.com.

Zoe Laverne Net Worth

Zoe Laverne is an American singer and social media star with a $1 million net worth. She is most famous for how popular she is on the app TikTok.

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In June 2001, Zoe Laverne was born in Indiana. She posts lip-sync videos to TikTok, where she has more than 14 million fans. Laverne began using social media in 2016, back when the app was called “musical.ly.”

Her real last name is Pemberton, and Laverne is her middle name. Zoe Laverne has dated Cody Orlove and Zephan Clark. She has also worked with Terin Sottile. She also has more than 424K YouTube subscribers and 2.5 million people who follow her on Instagram.

Personal Life

Doug Wright and Debbie Pemberton are the people who raised Zoe Laverne. Zoe Laverne’s father is a businessman by the name of Doug Wright. Debbie Pemberton is the name of Zoe Laverne’s mother, and she is a housewife.

Zoe Laverne Net Worth

She has two brothers and sisters. Eric Pemberton is her brother, and Cameron Pemberton is her stepbrother. Zoe Laverne is married, which is her marital status. Dawson Day is her husband, and he is an Instagrammer by trade.

On May 10, 2021, they got married. Emersyn Raylee, their daughter, was born on October 3, 2021. Cody Orlove, a well-known Instagrammer, was her boyfriend. She had been with Zephan Clark for two years before that.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Zoe Laverne Rich?

Zoe LaVerne has worked as a content creator since 2016, and in that time she has built up an impressive net worth of $1 million.

Is Zoe Laverne Dating Cody Orlove?

No, Zoe is no longer with Cody Orlove, who is a controversial YouTuber. Zoe is married to Dawson, and the two of them have a daughter.

Why Are People Canceling Zoe Laverne?

Zoe LaVerne got into a lot of trouble when she was accused of kissing a 13-year-old fan who was too young to do so. There were rumors that she had been arrested for the same thing, but they turned out to be false. Zoe deleted her Instagram account because she was getting so much hate after the scandal and public claims that she had been groomed.


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