“You Should Kill Yourself Now!” Goes Viral. Meme Explained!

In 2021, a lot of new memes that are funny have gone viral. Some of the year’s most popular memes include Anakin and Padme, Marie Callender’s Burnt Pie, and Bernie Sanders at Biden’s Inauguration.

Another popular one is “You Should Kill Yourself… Now!” which sounds a lot more morbid than it really is. Where did the meme come from in the first place? Lets explore its origins.

What is the ‘you Should Kill Yourself… Now! Meme?

If you use Twitter, you’ve probably seen a lot of the “You Should Kill Yourself… Now!” meme in the last year. The meme is a picture of a man surrounded by lightning. The man is popular YouTuber Low Tier God.


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The title of the meme is written next to his face: “You Should Kill Yourself… Now!” The photoshopped image first showed up on Discord, but where did it come from?

Origins of the Meme Explored

The meme is about Dalauan Sparrow, also known as “Low Tier God” on YouTube. Low Tier God is a gamer who plays Street Fighter, a series of Japanese competitive video games.

During a Super Smash Bros stream in April 2021, he told the other player, “You should kill yourself… now!” This became a popular internet joke, or “meme,” that went around the world. The meme then spread around the Internet and people started using it to respond to things on social media.

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