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Season 2 Overview

There’s something about “You” that makes it difficult to turn away, even as it makes viewers feel uneasy about “rooting for” the series’ attractive but lethal lead. During the first season of “You,” Penn Badgley attempted to do so on social media, reminding viewers that his obsessive, controlling, and violent character was.

in fact, all of the above and not a charming charmer who deserves to be a love interest, with mixed results.

“You,” currently in its second season on Netflix , makes the aforementioned truths even more difficult to swallow, as Badgley’s Joe Goldberg continues to deny that he is a nasty guy and the protagonist of his own story.

Release Date (You Season 2)

You Season 2 will hit Netflix on December 26th.

Despite Joe’s efforts to portray himself as a kind guy who isn’t a killer (despite the number of killings he’s committed), “You” never claims to be on his side. Not in that sense, at least.

Even though Joe refuses to look into the mirror, it is at those moments of self-defense when the mirror centred on him is at its largest. Season 2 puts Joe in a figurative chamber of endless mirrors, forcing him to take a hard look at himself.

you season 2

Aside from its two romance stars, Ellie (Jenna Ortega) and Love’s filmmaker/addict brother Forty, “You” Season 2 also impresses with its supporting characters  James Scully

Both of these characters have the ability to develop and reveal unexpected depth. “You” portrays Ellie as a sophisticated and tough adolescent who is self-aware without being unrealistic, and the show’s co-dependent relationship between Love and Forty provides an interesting dynamic.

Sadly, no member of Love’s buddy circle matches Shay Mitchell’s Peach Salinger’s amusing highs from Season 1, but these new Season 2 people are more of a method of challenging Joe’s assumptions and becoming more important to Joe’s path.

Season 2 of “You” confirms that Season 1 wasn’t a fluke, yet it’s debatable whether Sera Gamble and co. should try their luck with a Season 3. That’s something Joe would do, which may answer the question of whether or not it should happen. But it will also depend on how the audience reacts to the season’s conclusion.

Based on the nine episodes that precede the Season 2 finale, it makes logic and, if continued, may possibly take the series to a whole new level — especially in terms of pity for the devil. Should it, though?

What Happens in You Season 2?

Joe decides to leave his hometown and go across the country, from New York to Los Angeles, in order to escape his past and begin a new life. Delilah and Ellie Alves, as well as Forty Quinn, are introduced to him. When he meets Love Quinn, Forty’s sister, he can’t help but slip into old habits. 

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Season 2 Ending Explained

We should have suspected something was up with Love when she took the time to cook Joe an entire pan of cinnamon rolls with salt instead of sugar simply to prove a point.

Joe has finally found his match, as revealed in the Season 2 conclusion. Love murdered Delilah, Joe’s neighbour and temporary love interest who discovered Joe’s violent background, in a surprising plot twist. Joe is desperate to let Delilah out of his prison and prove to himself that he is not the serial killer he has been in the past.

He understands that Delilah does not deserve to die, and that Ellie will be left alone.

if he murders Delilah Joe has a soft spot for defending youngsters, as he demonstrated with Paco in Season 1. This is likely owing to the darkness of his own childhood.

Joe promises Delilah that he will let her out once he has made arrangements to leave the city as soon as possible. He sets a timer on the pair of shackles he uses on Delilah so that she will be released once he is long gone from LA. Unfortunately, when he is making preparations, he is interrupted by Forty, who requests his assistance with the script they are working on.

Following Forty’s attempt to access their inner creative genius and finish the script for his film version of Beck’s novel, Joe is unable to piece together the events of the night after reading (Elizabeth Lail) book.

Delilah is found dead in his cage, her throat cut, much to his horror. Naturally, he believes he was the one who killed her.

To make matters worse, Candace, who has tracked down Joe and is determined to prevent him from killing the Quinn family, discovers the keys to Joe’s cage storage facility.

She succeeds to imprison Joe, as well as Delilah, whom she believes Joe murdered, just as he did Beck and attempted to do to her. Candace dials Love’s number so she may show her who Joe really is once and for all. When Love sees Joe in the cage, she gets Candace to let him out and begs Joe to tell Candace that he didn’t do it.

Love turns away, obviously repulsed, and vomits in a garbage can when Joe exposes his true colours. Candace will pursue her.

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Forty, on the other hand, begins piecing together Joe’s past and rushes to warn Love. Forty tries hard to inform Love who Joe is and what he has done in a showdown at Anavrin.

Love, who is well aware of Forty’s situation, tries to calm him down and persuade him that he is simply whirling. Love informs Forty, who is holding a gun to Joe’s head, that she is pregnant in a desperate bid to stop him. Forty, on the other hand, is adamant about his choice. Officer Fincher storms into the diner and shoots Forty, killing him. Joe closes his eyes, accepting his fate. Love has been shattered.

The camera then cuts to the future, where Joe and Love have relocated to the California suburbs. Joe delivers his final monologue of the season while Love is much farther advanced in her pregnancy.

Joe is excited to see his child, despite the fact that he claims he was content to live in a cage he created for himself. That is, until he discovered how fate works in odd ways. All of his tragic experiences have led him to the ideal location to meet… “you,” the mysterious woman on the other side of the fence. And now we’re back to square one.

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