What Is the Yono Application? How to Download It? Install for Free!


YONO is an acronym for You Only Need One. SBI’s digital outlet is the YONO app (State Bank of India). Consumers can use it to access a variety of financial, digital, and other services, such as booking taxis, buses, trains, or flights. The YONO app enables users to pay bills, shop online, and conduct internet banking with SBI.

Why Is My Yono Sbi App Not Functioning Properly? Solution

Numerous people throughout India utilise the Yono SBI app. Frequently, users express dissatisfaction with the app. The software does not operate for some users for a variety of reasons. However, addressing this issue is critical if you want the programme to work smoothly on your smartphone.

Allow some time before attempting another login. The server may be overburdened or may be unavailable at times.

  • Restart your smartphone if you notice an issue with the Yono Lite app.
  • Verify that you are running the most recent version of the YONO lite app.
  • Occasionally, the device’s date and time are out of sync with the current date and time. Verify and restore the date and time to their original values.
  • Finally, verify that your internet connection is functioning normally.

Sb001 Yono App Technical Problem

We occasionally obtain a Yono app technical problem notice when attempting to register using the Yono lite app. While registration, the SB001 technical problem occurs. The most effective solution to resolve this error is to uninstall and reinstall the app via the official app stores.

Why Is the Yono App Reporting a M005 Error?

While attempting to log in with your M-PIN, the Yono app displays a M005 error warning. There is no explanation provided for the technical fault.

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To troubleshoot, you can clear your cache, exit the app, and verify that your app is running the most recent version. If nothing works, uninstall the programme and then reinstall it.

Is It Possible to Use Yono Without Using Online Banking?

Yes, you can use YONO without utilising online banking by logging in using your ATM card information.

Yono Sbi Customer Service Number

SBI’s 24-hour helplines are 1800-11-2211 (toll-free) and 1800-425-3800 (toll-free), and are operational seven days a week.


Do not fear if your YONO app does not work. Carry out all advised checks to get your app back up and running. If you continue to have problems, do not hesitate to contact the Customer service support line.

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