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Yellowjackets Season 2 Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled?

Yellowjackets Season 2

Yellowjackets, Showtime’s Lord of the Flies-inspired thriller about a girls’ high school soccer team stranded in the Canadian wilderness, generated more issues in the first season than the conclusion could reasonably address. Fortunately for the show’s devoted citizen detective viewers, who analyze and debate hypotheses on social media each week, the show will return for a second season.

Here’s everything we know so far about the Yellowjackets’ sophomore season.

Yellowjackets Will Return for a Second Season

Showtime confirmed the series’ renewal in December 2021, midway through season one, with an Instagram post captioned: “Those girls were exceptional.” They were champs. The #Yellowjackets will return for Season 2!”

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“Yellowjackets has been an unadulterated sensation for Showtime,” Showtime entertainment executive Gary Levine stated in a statement. “We are overwhelmed by the critical accolades and fan reception to our series, which has earned multiple ‘Best of 2021’ lists, a perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes, and a snowballing viewership.” Clearly, there is a want for creativity and audacity, and our brilliant showrunners Ashley, Bart, and Jonathan, together with their pitch-perfect ensemble, have given that and so much more. I can’t wait to see what surprises they have in store for us in season two.”

The adult Yellowjackets we encountered in season one.

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When Will It Be Shown?

A timeframe for season two has not yet been released publicly, although Levine told Deadline that a writers room will meet in January to begin work on season two.

“We haven’t heard the proposal for season two, and the writer’s room hasn’t even met yet; they’ll meet in January,” he explained. “I’m sure Ashley, Bart, and Jonathan have some vague concepts, but they haven’t developed them out, and they haven’t transmitted them to us.”

Yellowjackets Season 2 Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled?

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“I know there will be some shocks in terms of the personalities,” he added. “There are still a lot of unanswered mysteries regarding who survived and what occurred out there.” There will be some great shocks in that regard, and I believe certain individuals you may not have met yet.”

In a separate interview with Vulture, Levine hinted that the program would return this year. “We’re aiming for a debut at the end of 2022,” he stated. “We’d want to keep on a yearly cycle.” I believe our viewers deserve it, and I also believe that when you have a show with this much momentum, you don’t want to lose it.”

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There Might Be Numerous More Yellowjacket Seasons

“We proposed it as a five-season idea,” series co-creator Bart Nickerson told the Hollywood Reporter.

However, fans will not have to wait until the conclusion of the series for all of their questions to be answered. “When we were formulating and developing the idea, we always saw this as a multi-season story, and our goal in the first season is to very much answer certain questions because I personally get very irritated with shows that drag everything on forever and don’t give you any answers,” series co-creator Ashley Lyle told E! News. “So, we wanted to answer some questions and ask some new ones, and that is hopefully what we did throughout the course of this season.”

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Trailer of Yellowjackets Season 2

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