Yasuke Season 2: What Can We Expect When Season 3 Is Released?

On April 29, 2021, Netflix released the first season of the distinctive anime “Yasuke.” The main character, the first African samurai, was a real historical figure who was the subject of the novel. On July 25, 1579, according to several historical accounts, Yasuke arrived in Japan from Africa.

He served Japanese Daimy Lord Oda Nobunaga until 1582 when he was slain by a general who had betrayed Nobunaga. After that awful incident, Yasuke is reported to have fled into exile, but we don’t know what happened next in his life. He was most likely from Mozambique.

The Netflix animation “Yasuke” retells the samurai’s tale by placing him in an alternate 16th-century Japan with magic, robots, and other issues. In the first season’s six episodes, which take place after Nobunaga’s death, evil forces attempt to overthrow medieval Japan.

Yasuke wishes to quit his brutal career as a samurai, but he is obligated to defend a small child named Saki who possesses magical abilities and is thus a target.

There are many “Yasuke” admirers already, and many of them want to see more. What is known so far regarding a potential “Yasuke” second season?

Who Is The Cast of Yasuke Season 2?

Although “Yasukeoriginal “‘s language is in English, it has been dub-subbed into German, Spanish, French, and Japanese. LaKeith Stanfield, an Academy Award nominee, provides the voice for the lead. Oda Nobunaga is portrayed by Takehiro Hira, Saki by Maya Tanida, Natsumaru by Ming-Na Wen, Abraham by Don Donahue, and Morisuke by Paul Nakauchi.

Yasuke Season 2

There might be several recurring characters in the second season, depending on how the story develops. Yasuke would be played by Stanfield when he returned, and Saki, who is portrayed by Tanida, is also anticipated to return at some point.

Nobunaga, Natsumaru, and the Daimyo, a witch who serves as one of the show’s main antagonists and is voiced by Amy Hill, are among the characters who pass away in Season 1 of “Yasuke.” In an anime, anything may happen, but it’s doubtful that these characters will return for Season 2.

In addition to those from Season 1, there will be some new characters in “Yasuke” Season 2. This is due to the expanding anime industry.

What Can We Expect When Season 3 Is Released?

There may or may not be a second season of “Yasuke” at this time. There are a lot of reasons for Netflix to continue the show, including its 91 percent Rotten Tomatoes rating. The show was well-received by reviewers and spectators alike, and it marked a significant advance for anime diversity.

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It might be released in around a year or half if Netflix quickly renews “Yasuke” for a second season. The length of time it takes to produce an anime episode compared to a live-action one depends on how organized and productive the team of writers and animators is.

Furthermore, as with previous shows, it’s possible that Netflix intended for extra episodes. If so, “Yasuke” Season 2 may already be in production and released sooner rather than later.

What Is the Plot of Yasuke Season 2?

Many of the storylines that will be continued in the following seasons of “Yasuke” are set up in the first season. Saki can be kept safe and shielded from the Daimyo, who seeks Saki’s abilities, Yasuke. The Daimyo warns Saki that despite the appearance that everything is OK, her powers will continue to expand and that eventually, she won’t be able to control them.

Her sole objective is to increase her authority and cause havoc. Saki is left in peace in her village by Yasuke, but this frightening warning may indicate that they will reunite as adults because Saki’s power is out of control and Yasuke must stop her.

Yasuke Season 2

Another tale might be continued in the scene following the credits. Yasuke bears the blade of Natsumaru, a fallen comrade he had to slay in battle. To obtain the sword that his sister used to kill herself, he tracks out Natsumaru’s brother, but he keeps quiet about who killed her.

If the brother learns the truth and pursues Yasuke, he might develop into a more significant character in the future. The scene might also provide Yasuke and Natsumaru with the necessary resolution.

After the real-life historical person left for exile and little was known about what transpired to him, the show depicts Yasuke’s tale. Since the previous season established a wide world, “Yasuke” Season 2 can be anything the authors want it to be. As a result, the writers can pretty much do whatever they want with the character.

How Popular Is Yasuke?

It counts how well-liked and widely watched an anime is online for it to be selected for the new season. Typically, shows that don’t garner enough interest don’t be renewed for next season. On Google, more searches for anime are made than normal.

The show’s music was composed by Flying Lotus, better known as FLYLO. He has a front-facing music record and is quite well recognized. His writings increase interest in the series. It appears that many people are anticipating the new season of the anime, and the series merits a second season.

Yasuke Season 2 Trailer

Since Yasuke has not yet received approval for a new season, the official trailer for season 2 has not yet been released. You may see the official season 1 trailer here while you wait. If you haven’t watched the anime series yet, you may do so right now on Netflix.


According to insiders, the original action and fantasy anime series Yasuke will debut on Netflix in the spring of 2022 or 2023. Cannon Busters featured a role from the show’s creator as well.

After much effort, the series Yasuke has been running for quite some time. LeSean Thomas put a lot of effort into making the show happen; it was first announced in 2018 and debuted three years later.

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