Yael Stone Net Worth: How Much Money Does She Make From Her Acting Career?


Yael Stone is an actress who is from Australia. She has done a lot of work in Australian theatre and has won two Sydney Theatre Awards for her work. Orange Is the New Black, a Netflix show, is where she is best known for her role as Lorna Morello. Stone is also known for speaking out for women’s rights and supporting abortion rights and protecting the environment.

Yael Stone Early life and Education

She was born in Sydney, Australia in March 1985. Her mother was a nurse, and her father was an architect. Her father was born in Czechoslovakia to parents who had lived through the Holocaust.

Yael Stone Net Worth

Stone’s father was born into a Jewish family, and her mother, who was born in Romania, became Jewish. Jake Stone, her brother, was the band Bluejuice’s lead singer. Elana Stone, her sister, also plays music.

Stone went to the National Institute of Dramatic Art and the Newtown High School of the Performing Arts (NIDA).

Yael Stone Career

As a child, Stone had parts in the movie Me, Myself, and I and the miniseries The Farm. She mostly did work in theatre. For her role in The Kid, she won Best Newcomer and Best Supporting Actress at the 2008 Sydney Theatre Awards.

She also had small parts on TV shows, such as in All Saints and Spirited. She was in The Diary of a Madman, a play based on a short story by Gogol, from 2010 to 2011. For this role, she was nominated again for Best Supporting Actress at the Sydney Theatre Awards.

In February 2011, she went to New York City to act in The Diary of a Madman at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. After that, she went back to Sydney to play the lead in A Golem Story, Summer of the Seventeenth Doll, and As You Like It.

Stone moved to New York for good in December 2011 and helped start a company for experimental theatre. After living in New York for four months, she got a part in the Netflix show Orange Is the New Black, which is about a women’s prison.


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Stone plays a prisoner from Boston named Lorna Morello. Her accent, which is a mix of Brooklyn and Boston, has been called “the most amazing accent on television” by a writer for The New Republic, and the role has been called Stone’s “breakout turn” by another critic.

She played the same part in the second season of the show, and in the third season, she was called a “series regular.” She has also been in the HBO and web series High Maintenance.

Yael Stone Net Worth

According to celebritynetworth, Australian actress, Yael Stone has a net worth of $1.5 million.

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She is best known for playing Lorna Morello in Orange Is the New Black, a Netflix show. She went to the National Institute of Dramatic Art to study acting, but she has been acting since she was a child.

Yael Stone Personal Life

She got married to Australian actor Dan Spielman in 2012, and they moved to New York City together. Stone said in July 2017 that her marriage had ended more than a year before.

Stone started dating Jack Manning Bancroft, who started the Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME), and in November 2017 they announced they were going to have their first child. Pemau Stone Bancroft was born on May 30, 2018, and she is a girl.

Yael Stone Net Worth

The New York Times published an interview with Stone on December 16, 2018, in which she accused Geoffrey Rush, an Australian actor, of sexual misconduct while filming The Diary of a Madman in 2010 and 2011.


Is Yael Stone Italian?

Yael Stone was born in Australia to Jewish parents in the city of Sydney. She has called herself an atheist, saying, “I’m really proud of where I come from and really proud of my family, but I don’t have a strict relationship with God or with religion…

Why Does Lorna Have Blood on Her?

After walking 15 miles, there was blood on her coat and her stockings were torn. Lorna had a terrible thing happen to her after she left the bar. When a car honked at her as she walked home, she thought it was her date from the bar who wanted her to get in. She takes a rock from the ground and throws it at the windshield.

What Nationality is Yael Stone?

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