XQC Net Worth: as of 2022, What Does the Net Worth of XQC Become?


Félix Lengyel, also known as XQC or xQcOW, is a multi-millionaire with a fortune estimated at $ 20 million. Twitch and YouTube game streamers are his primary source of revenue.

XQC’s Value and Important Information

Net Worth: $10 Million
Real Name: Félix Lengyel
Source of wealth: Twitch/Youtube
Relationship status: Married
Date of Birth: November 12, 1995
Age: 26 years
Gender: Male
Height: 188 cm (6 feet 2 inches)
Profession: Professional Gamer
Girlfriend: Adept ( Sammy)
Nationality: Canadian
Instagram: Click
Twitter: Click

Félix Lengyel, better known as XQC, is a Canadian game streamer who was born and raised in Laval, Quebec.

Xqc Net Worth: as of 2022, What Does the Net Worth of XQC Become?

Wikipedia / XQC Biographies

As a member of Datzit Gaming, XQC competed in the 2016 Dreamhack Montreal event as a tank. A year later Denial eSports signed him up, however, after failing to pay its players’ dues, Denial dissolved. After that, Felix and his bandmates began performing as YIKES, and eventually as Arc 6.

Before joining the Dallas Fuel, he was a member of Canada’s Overwatch World Cup team, who competed in the 2017 and 2018 tournaments. When the Canadian team reached the finals in 2017 but lost to South Korea, he was voted the tournament’s MVP.

He was banned and fined by the Overwatch League for making homophobic slurs while playing for Dallas Fuel. In 2020, he became a content producer for Luminosity Gaming.

XQC Job Opportunities

After Felix (X) and the truncated short form of Quebec (QC) were combined, he came up with his internet moniker. While he has been active on both Twitch and YouTube since 2015, he really took off in 2019 on Twitch.

He streams for nine hours a day, and his average daily audience size is in the neighborhood of 60,000. He has over 900 million views and 2 million followers on YouTube. He has 9.5 million followers on Twitch and over 450 million views. It’s not uncommon for him to play the Overwatch league in real-time while broadcasting.

Xqc Net Worth: as of 2022, What Does the Net Worth of XQC Become?

Inquiries That Are Often Requested

Do You Have Any XQC Relationships?

He has a Twitch streaming girlfriend named Adept, who goes by the name Sammy, with the username adeptthebest.

How Old Is XQC, in Terms of Both Years and the Day on Which They Were Born?

His birthday is November 12, 1995, and he is 26 years old.

How Tall Is XQC Compared to the Rest of Its Peers?

XQC’s height is 1.88 m, or 6 feet 2 inches.

XQC Has a Weight of What Amount?

130 pounds is the approximate weight of XQC.

Xqc’s Rise to Fame Is a Mystery

Playing in the Overwatch Leagues made XQC renowned, and his fame has grown as a result.

Is XQC Paid to Do This?

Professional gamer and Twitch streamer XQC works full-time in the gaming industry.

To Whom Is XQC Presently Involved?

Nicolas, XQC’s younger brother, has a Hungarian mother who feeds him during broadcasts, but her identity is unknown.

Just How Rich Is XQC?

As of this writing, XQC’s net worth is at $15 million, which includes the sales of his branded items.

How Does He Spend His Money on Xqc Assets, Such as His House and Car?

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Interestingly, XQC just purchased a McLaren 720S Spider valued at at least $300,000, although he lacks a driver’s license.

Xqc Net Worth: as of 2022, What Does the Net Worth of XQC Become?

How Much Money Does Xqc Make Each Month?

Prior to taxes, XQC earns an estimated $2.5 million a year, or $220k a month, on average. This is a rough estimate based on his many public appearances and the commissions he receives from the sale of branded goods bearing his name and likeness.

The Question Is Whether XQC Is the Richest Streamer in the World

Félix Lengyel, better known as xQcOW, is the highest-paid twitch streamer, according to leaked information. In September of 2021, he earned up to $750,000.

Do You Know Whether the XQC Program Uses the Mouse Acceleration Feature?

XQC labeled mouse acceleration “dumb” in a 2017 tweet and declared he would never use it.

Reddit: XQC Reddit?

XQC has a Reddit subreddit with more than 230k users devoted to the game’s public discussion.

Here’s a Breakdown of How Xqc Earns a Living and Accumulates Wealth:

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He generates money in a variety of ways, but twitch is by far his major source of revenue. With 88,000 twitch users, he should be raking in at least $220,000 a month from just those viewers.

According to a leaked list of all Twitch broadcasters’ earnings from August 2019 to October 2021, XQC earned $8.4 million, or $4.2 million annually before taxes, throughout this time period.

Xqc Net Worth: as of 2022, What Does the Net Worth of XQC Become?

From Working as a Professional Overwatch Player

It’s not clear how much money XqC made as a member of the Overwatch squad, but his individual earnings are unknown.

As a Youtuber, Your Income

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XQCoW has more than 2 million YouTube followers and may earn up to $1 million a year from the platform alone.

Twitch Streaming Income

In Felix’s case, this is his primary means of income. From his twitch streaming and twitch subscribers, he made $ 4 million a year.

More Sponsorship Deals

There are a number of companies Felix is affiliated with, such as G Fuel, Verizon, and the meta Threads gaming clothing line. The contract size or amount of money is unknown, however, during a live broadcast, he mistakenly revealed that Verizon paid him $11,000 to promote a certain product.

What Is the IQ of XQC?

The man took an online IQ test and scored 107, which is considered ordinary by most standards.

Xqc Net Worth: as of 2022, What Does the Net Worth of XQC Become?

XQC Setup for Computer

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XQC has a fairly modest gaming setup compared to other elite gamers. Custom PC built with Intel I9-9900K CPUs and an EVGA GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card.

Mainboard is Z390 Aorus Master. Asus ROG Swift PG258Q, a Logitech gaming mouse, and a SteelSeries mechanical keyboard were among the gear he utilized to get the job done. With a high-end headset from HyperX Cloud, he plays every game on an LG monitor.

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