Women’s Body Types: A Guide to the 11 Most Common 2022

The entire world is discussing body positivity and how you must love your body regardless of its weight, colour, shape, size, or flaws. A woman’s body is one of the most beautiful things, and every woman must embrace her body with love, respect, and pride.

Various elements, such as fat distribution, bone structure, pregnancy, hormonal combination, etc., influence a woman’s body shape. Your participation in physical activities such as yoga, athletics, workouts, and gymnastics also plays a role.

What are the Different Body Shapes for Women?

Dear women, celebrate your femininity by loving your body form and embracing yourself as you are. We have compiled a list of various female body types. If you are a fashion-forward woman, the guidance on what to wear and what to avoid will assist you in presenting yourself in the most attractive manner.

1. Straight Body Contour

Women with this body type, also known as the rectangular body shape, have the same measurements for each area of their bodies. It is also known as a ruler or supermodel physique. To clarify, you have a straight body shape if your waist measurement is the same as your bust and hip dimensions.

Straight Body Contour

This body form is frequently referred to metaphorically as a banana body. Wear more tube dresses and off-shoulder tops if you wish to style this body type. By using a belt with your blouses and dresses, you may enhance your straight waist and make it appear somewhat curved.

2. Pear Body Form

A pear body type is distinguished by its broad hips and tiny breast. It is referred to as a triangle-body shape in geometry. Your lower body is considerably more muscular than your upper body, giving you a triangular physique.

Pear Body Form

To properly style this body type, you can use styles such as boat necks and scoop necks. Because your upper body is small, you may choose to add breadth to your shoulders. You can also improve your outfit by adding accessories. If you want your breasts to appear fuller, a push-up bra will do the trick. Avoid wearing form-fitting dresses with your body type.

3. Spoon Body Form

This body form is comparable to that of a pear. You have hips that are larger than the rest of your body. Women with spoon-shaped bodies frequently resemble the number 8. And when a person with this body type gains weight, it primarily affects the upper body, particularly the stomach and arms.

Spoon Body Form
You can style yourself with lighter hues if you have this body type. You can also experiment with darker hues, but only for your bottoms. Wearing shorts or short dresses is a smart choice. You can decorate this outfit further with your preferred accessories. When it comes to footwear, match your footwear to your outfit style.

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4. Apple Body Contour

Apple’s body shape is diametrically opposed to a pear’s body shape. It indicates that your upper body weighs more than your lower body. This body types a lacks waist definition. Your shoulders are round, your legs are thin, and your hips are little. When apple-shaped individuals attempt to acquire weight, their upper torso expands more than their bottom.

Apple Body Contour

So, what should you wear to look your best with this body type? You can experiment with A-line dresses and well-fitted clothing. With such a physical type, you are free to experiment as you see fit. Even clothing options such as summer jackets, boot-cut denim, and flared bottoms complement this body type.

5. Hourglass Body Contour

The most balanced body shape is the hourglass. This body type is characterized by proportionate buttocks, bust, and waist, much like an hourglass. Women with hourglass figures are frequently coveted by others. Additionally, an hourglass body shape is characterized by shoulders that are exactly aligned with the buttocks. Your legs are also in harmony with the rest of your body. In conclusion, everything is flawless.

Hourglass Body Contour

If you have an hourglass body type, consider yourself fortunate since you can wear everything. Different designs of belts can be used to emphasise your waist. You can also experiment with dress styles such as flowing, bodycon, and A-line. Pants with a high waist and a blouse complement an hourglass form the most.

6. Best Hourglass Figure

As the name implies, this body type resembles an hourglass figure. The waist is the focal point of your figure. It appears slim, toned, and slender. You have rounded shoulders, and your buttocks are larger than your busts. Women with the ideal hourglass figure have toned legs. Overall, their physique is attractive.

You can explore as much as you’d like while selecting the appropriate clothing for this body type. We recommend that you select more V-neck tops, as they complement your physique like no other style. Choose darker hues. You can dress beautifully for winter by selecting elegant jackets, blazers, shirts, and coats.

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7. Oval Body Form

In an oval-shaped physique, the bust is heavier than the remainder of the body. It indicates that you will have narrow hips and a broader midsection. Pregnancy-related weight gain is mostly responsible for the prevalence of the oval body shape among middle-aged women. Women with an oval body type gain weight predominantly in their tummies.

When you have an oval body shape, you should be cautious with your clothing choices. It does not preclude experimentation. You might try wearing shirts and tops with necklines such as U-neck, V-neck, and square neck. Additionally, you can use skirts and coats to make the area surrounding your tummy appear slimmer.

8. Diamond Body Contour

This body type is characterized by broad hips and thin busts that are in proportion to the shoulders. Similar to oval-shaped women, diamond-shaped women frequently have a full-appearing midsection. The waist is not well-defined, and your thighs may be heavier than your lower legs, but your well-sculpted lower legs are the highlight of this body type. This body type is characterized by toned and well-shaped arms.

You may dress properly by paying more attention to your breast than the rest of your body. Therefore, dresses and shirts with a V or plunging neckline complement this look the most. You can choose pants and skirts for your lower body because they will make your bottom appear thinner and complement your overall body shape.

9. Inverted Triangle Figure

The defining characteristics of an inverted triangle body shape are narrow hips, broad shoulders, and slender legs. It occurs when the upper body is more robust than the lower body.

Always look for clothing that accentuates your upper body when selecting clothing for this body type. You can wear styles such as checks, stripes, floral, front pockets, satin dresses, and even V-necks between casual dates and formal meals with ease. A skirt is also an excellent option for folks with this body type. Accessorize to your heart’s content. The addition of bulky accessories is also not a bad idea. But do not go overboard with your fashion sense. You must avoid wearing certain items, including spaghetti straps, loose dresses, and pencil skirts.

10. Athletic Body Contours

As the name implies, this is the most toned body type, and women who frequently engage in physical sports and gym activities have an athletic body type. The contours are lovely and toned, and the physique is on the muscular side. Your buttocks are well-sculpted, as are your thighs and calves. The athletic body type is additionally characterized by well-developed arms and a slim waist.

You can outfit your athletic physique in a variety of garments, including skirts, knee-length dresses, low-neck blouses, palazzo pants, trousers, loungewear, and others. You may also choose styles such as boat necks, off-the-shoulders, wrap-around, and high necks. You are ready to leave if you accessorise your outfit with fashionable items.

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11. Lollipop Body Contour

Lastly, this body type is characterized by a large and round chest, longer legs, a narrow waist and hips, and broader shoulders. As your hips are slightly smaller than the rest of your body, wearing pants with a high waist will help to balance out your silhouette. Additionally, you can experiment with thigh-high slits and body-hugging maxi dresses.

Choose from styles such as V-neck, off-shoulder, wrap-around, boat-neck, and turtle neck when it comes to wearing tops. Long skirts, boxy skirts, loose clothing, and bulky jewelry should be avoided.

We hope that the above body types will assist you in determining your own. Simply use an inch shape to determine your body measurements. Compare them with the aforementioned information to determine your body shape. Follow the fashion advice to appear your best. Above all else, exude a charming smile and abundant self-assurance.

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