Why Does Bobby Brown Feel “Guilty” About His Son’s Death?

Bobby Brown endured the tragic loss of both of his children. The American singer discussed the tragic death of his son Bobby Brown Jr. last month. The 52-year-old R&B singer previously disclosed on “Red Table Talk” that he feels guilty about his son’s death at age 28. How then did Bobby Brown’s son pass away?

What caused Bobby Brown Jr’s death?

According to autopsy reports from 2021, Bobby Brown Jr., the son of the famous singer Bobby Brown, died from the combined effects of alcohol, cocaine, and fentanyl. Authorities stated at the time that they believed no foul play was involved.

Bobby Brown Jr. was discovered unresponsive on his bedroom floor on November 18, 2020, by his girlfriend, who had last seen him alive that morning. The paramedics, whom she contacted, pronounced him dead. His death was ruled accidental despite his history of drug and alcohol abuse.

Bobby Brown Jr. informed his friends that he was ill and eerily foretold his death hours before he passed away. The day before his death, the musician and son of music legend Bobby Brown was congested and coughing violently on the phone with a friend.

 Bobby Brown Feel "Guilty" About His Son's Death?

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Why does Bobby Brown feel responsible?

Bobby revealed in the “Red Table Talk” interview that his late son had been “struggling with drugs.” Additionally, he clarified that his son “was not a user” in the same way that Bobby had been. He said:

After Jada asked Bobby whether authorities know who sold drugs to his son, the celebrity responded, “The investigation is ongoing.” I’m crossing my fingers and toes that they find the individuals and remove these drugs from the streets. But my children have died.”

Bobby stated that he feels responsible for his son’s death because he also had a history of drug abuse, which contributed to his son’s desire to experiment with substances. The son of Bobby continued to experiment with different substances and developed an addiction. The R&B singer admitted he feels remorse for his actions.

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Life of Bobby Brown was Tragedy

Bobby Brown has lost both of his children, a son and a daughter. Brown Jr. was one of two children from his father’s 11-year relationship, which ended in 1991, with Kim Ward. However, Bobby’s daughter with his late wife Whitney Houston passed away in 2015.

Bobby Brown Jr. died eight years after his stepmother Whitney Houston drowned in a bathtub by accident, and five years after his 22-year-old half-sister Bobbi Kristina died in a similar manner. Bobbi Kristina passed away in July 2015 at the age of 22 after spending seven months in a coma after being discovered unconscious in a bathtub.

 Bobby Brown Feel "Guilty" About His Son's Death?

Bobby felt broken for years after losing his wife, daughter, and son, and he continues to experience the horrors of their deaths. In an interview last year, he stated, “The loss of my son was extremely unexpected. Just like losing my daughter. We were in the studio just two nights prior. It was something that struck me extremely hard.

Bobby Jr. is yet another victim of the unnecessary death caused by fentanyl and similar drugs on the street. The fentanyl epidemic is out of control, and those responsible for the death and destruction it causes should be held accountable. Do you not believe Bobby also played a role in this?

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