Why Did Woojin Leave Stray Kids? Everything We Know So Far


Woojin (also known as Kim Woojin) is a former member of the South Korean boy band Stray Kids. He was the group’s primary singer. Stray Kids was originally comprised of nine individuals: Hyunjin, Han, Felix, Seungmin, I.N., Bang Chan, Lee Know, Changbin, and Kim Woojin. Stray Kids is a prevalent group in Korea and Western nations like the United States and the United Kingdom. Their music is a diverse blend of pop, hip hop, and electronica. They originated from the television programme of the same name.

What Caused Woojin to Leave Stray Kids?

Woojin’s departure from Stray Kids in 2019 startled many fans. Even the publication of their album Clé: Levanter was delayed by Woojin’s abrupt departure. Originally scheduled for release on November 2, 2019, it has been pushed back until December 9, 2019. Stray Kids’ record label, JYP Entertainment, issued a formal statement addressing Woojin’s unexpected departure. According to the report, Woojin is departing for personal reasons. Even though the members were upset, they encouraged him to pursue his own path. Even JYP sent their best wishes for Woojin and the other eight members’ excellent aims and future.

In 2019, a large number of notable K-pop idols quit their group, including Hall from The Boyz and B. I from iKON.

Plans of Woojin Going Solo

Although “personal reasons” was stated in the official release, the reason was not entirely clear. Fans began to speculate that he will resume his career as a solo artist. Despite the fact that they were really disheartened by the incident, the supporters were extremely supportive of him.

Woojin withdrew from public view for a few months and returned in January 2020 with some plans and observations. He stated that he went on a few excursions, but he misses working hard on self-improvement and performing on stage.

After this occurrence, Woojin created an Instagram account and a YouTube channel. He even brought along his own goods. In April of 2020, he was rehearsing and planning a little solo fan gathering. It was later announced that a portion of the revenues will be donated.

In 2020, Woojin signed on with a corporation. He also pondered taping fan encounters for international supporters because he was unable to fly because to COVID-19 constraints.

After leaving Stray Kids, Woojin acknowledged experiencing fear and worry. Now that he is alone, he learns that with independence comes a greater feeling of responsibility. He must be extra cautious with his movements, which causes him further anxiety. However, he did not feel exhausted because his supporter was around. To maintain contact with his fans, Woojin frequently uploaded travel photos and music gear.

Everyone had been quite supportive of his decision up to this point. An occurrence occurred that prompted millions of people to despise Woojin!

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Sexual Assault Allegation on Kim Woojin

A random Twitter user tweeted that she and her friend visited a Korean pub. A prominent K-pop idol raped them sexually. Even though Woojin’s identity was not specifically announced afterwards, a photo was released, leading to speculation that the idol is Woojin. According to the Twitter thread, the girls were repeatedly coerced despite their protests.

This complaint was followed by others of a similar nature, including from his ex-girlfriend. Allegedly, he fathered a child with a woman. Even more, the 23-year-old was accused of making his peers uncomfortable.

Someone even claimed that he managed a dissing fansite where he disparaged other K-pop groups, such as BTS and EXO, in public.

Fans Who Resort to Destroying and Burning Merchandise

This outraged the fans, who then burned items and posters in protest. Former fans even expressed regret for being his admirers. In a number of Instagram images, supporters were depicted painting the photocards black, burning them, and destroying the posters.

The supporters were unlucky and dissatisfied. The K-pop CDs and merchandise are fairly expensive, therefore it is understandable why so many fans felt the need to destroy stuff purchased with their own money.

Despite the fact that Woojin had left Stray Kids by then, the group was still dragged into the situation. The group’s ideals and morals, as well as the individual morals of the members, were questioned. The news exploded across the internet.

Instagram Photo by Woojin in Response to the Allegations

Woojin addressed the situation on his Instagram account. He posted that he and the record company with whom he signed the deal were taking the necessary measures. They resolved to pursue legal action against those who disseminated such unfounded rumours. He stated that he has never visited any of the identified locations during the specified time.

Woojin was hard at work composing music for his solo return with his new label. He even reassured fans that the allegations are being investigated. In addition, the blame did not persist long because the user deleted the mystery account shortly thereafter. This demonstrates that the source’s credibility is actually low.

However, when such news spread like wildfire, people began to speculate and assume a variety of reasons for Woojin’s unexpected departure from the group. Some of them speculated that he may have been kicked out of the organisation for inappropriate behaviour. Again, these notions were without foundation until…

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Bang Chan’s Vlive Communication

Bang Chan once appeared on Vlive and stated the following. He claimed that someone committed numerous errors, causing others to suffer. If someone makes a promise, they are responsible for keeping it.

Then he stated that STAYS (the fandom of stray children) understand what he was discussing. He concluded his statement by stating that promises should be kept and that those who do not should be considered selfish. After mentioning errors and betrayal, the personnel forced him to end the live show.

Some fans believe it may have something to do with Woojin, although the fans were baffled as to what it signified. Some supporters believed Woojin’s expulsion was due to his lack of accountability and selfishness.

As a result of so much contradictory facts, it is difficult to determine the true reason for Woojin’s departure from Stray Kids. Everyone at JYP Entertainment stated their support for Woojin’s own endeavours, followed by many reports of sexual assaults. Then, Bang Chan appeared live and said such a thing; the situation becomes more complex than before.

Even though supporters are divided, with some fans supporting Woojin and others opposing him, it has become extremely difficult to determine the true cause. Due to the fact that every action of their idol is documented, one might claim to know them. It is difficult to fully comprehend another individual, let alone make conclusions about what is true. Observing a few snippets from unknown media sources from behind a television screen and making assumptions about a person is quite simple.

Woojin’s true motivation for leaving Stray Child is obscured by a sequence of puzzling occurrences. Therefore, it is prudent to adhere to JYP’s official remarks.

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Now Woojin and Stray Kids

Woojin is now composing songs, and his birthday is approaching. He frequently interacts with his admirers in person. Active on social media, he frequently updates his followers on his location.

Regarding Stray Kids, they recently made a reappearance. God’s menu and Back door are the most recent hits, and God’s menu was the first song on YouTube to reach 100 million views. They are producing music and entertainment for their fans.

Thus, we see that despite such obstacles and challenges, everyone has continued enjoying their lives. Fans are now incredibly supportive of Woojin and Stray Kids, despite the fact that the incidents led them to lose many followers. Woojin will develop new songs and performances solo, while Stray Kids will do so as a group.

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