Why Did Sally Leave Aurora Teagarden? Everything You Need to Know! 2022


Fans were taken aback in 2017 when LEXA Doig suddenly decided not to appear in any new episodes of Aurora Teagarden Mysteries.

Eventually, her character Sally Allison, who has been a recurring one on the show ever since it premiered in 2015, returned. But the question remains, what motivated her to leave in the first place?

What Led Sally to Decide to Quit Her Job at Aurora Teagarden Mysteries?

Because she is an actress, Lexa’s schedule frequently has overlapping commitments.

This was the situation in 2017, when she was going to take on the role of Deann Anderson in the drama series The Arrangement on E!

Although Lexa was prepared to take on the leading part, she was confronted with a difficult choice.

Due to the scheduling conflicts caused by her participation in The Arrangement, she made the decision to temporarily step down from her position in Aurora Teagarden Mysteries.

This meant that she did not have any part in the movie that was released in 2018, titled Last Scene Alive.

After then, she was able to make a comeback in the ninth Aurora Teagarden TV movie, which was titled Reap What You Sew and aired in 2018. This movie focused on the investigation of the murder of Ro’s cousin, and it revealed that two of the suspects were intimately tied to Sally.

In 2018, the actress expressed to the website TV Goodness how excited she was to reprise her role in the series The Aurora Teagarden Mysteries.

She expressed her disappointment by saying, “I was heartbroken to not be able to do the one that I missed.”

“There wasn’t any overlap [between this show and The Arrangement] in the first season, so I was able to do both of them.”

“When I came back, there was a lot [for Sally], and I suppose that was to [reassure fans] that Sally was back,” Sally said. “When I came back, there was a lot [for Sally]. I missed it. I really enjoy working on things like this.”

Since then, Lexa has played starring roles in all of the other Aurora Teagarden Mysteries movies, with the exception of Honeymoon, Honey Murder, which she did not appear in. Some of these movies include A Game of Cat and Mouse (2019), Heist and Seek (2020), How to Con a Con (2021), and Till Death Do Us Part (2021).

Where Can I Get Episodes of Aurora Teagarden Mysteries to Watch?

Crown Media Holdings is the owner of the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries channel, which can be seen on channel 565. The movies in the Aurora Teagarden Mysteries series are now accessible to watch on that channel.

Those who are interested in the programme can also watch it on Amazon Prime if they have a Premium subscription to the service.

This indicates that the show may be watched after a free trial period of 30 days for the price of $4.99 per month, which also includes Acorn TV.

For the time being, the streaming service only provides access to the first six films in the series, which range from “A Bone to Pick” to “A Bundle of Trouble.”

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What Exactly Goes on in the Aurora Teagarden Mysteries?

The mystery novels written by Charlaine Harris serve as the inspiration for the film adaptations, which each run for a length of two hours and follow the exploits of a character named Aurora “Ro” Teagarden.

This small-town librarian is a fan of true crime and a member of the Real Murders Club. He rapidly launches a career as an amateur detective and goes on to solve crimes in Lawrencetown, Georgia, with the assistance of other fans from the Real Murders Club.

The author of True Blood, Charlaine, debuted the Aurora Teagarden series in 1990 with the publication of Real Murders and has been involved in the adaptation of the series for television.

In 2017, the title Sleep Like a Baby was given publication, marking the conclusion of the series.

Candace Cameron Bure plays the role of Aurora in both movies, and Marilu Henner plays her on-screen mother, Aida Teagarden, in both films.

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