Why Did Otis Leave Chicago Fire: How Did He Die?


The lives of the paramedics and firemen at Firehouse 51 of the Chicago Fire Department are followed in the action series “Chicago Fire” on NBC. One of the firefighters who shows his worth and tenacity by protecting city residents is Brian “Otis” Zvonecek. Otis establishes outstanding ties and bonds with his coworkers. Otis makes sure that, despite their rivalry, his firehouse comes first in all he does. It is understandable why Otis’ passing shocked both his coworkers and the show’s viewers so much. Let us provide the solution if you’re curious about how he passed away in the action movie! Spoilers follow.

Why Did Otis Leave Chicago Fire:

Why Did Yuriy Sardarov Leave Chicago Fire?

Co-creator Derek Haas and the show’s primary writers Andrea Newman and Michael Gilvary made a creative choice that led to Yuri Sardarov leaving “Chicago Fire.” After several cliffhangers that didn’t result in the passing of a crucial character, Haas wanted to demonstrate that death plays a vital role in the programme. We just said, “We need bring some teeth back into the show, and we gotta show that the dangers are real,” as Haas told TVLine, “while I was talking to Andrea Newman and Michael Gilvary, my two head writers.” To illustrate the risks associated with firefighting as a profession, they so chose to kill off a character.

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Darren Ritter’s demise was first explored by Haas and his writers. But Haas was aware that it wouldn’t have the desired emotional effect because Ritter was still a fresh character at that moment. Then we simply concluded that Otis would be the greatest candidate because he co-owns a bar with Herrmann, lives with Cruz and Brett, drives Casey’s truck, stays in Boden’s home, and is best friends with Mouch. Everyone has a variety of emotions toward a guy who has been in the programme virtually since the very first scene, Haas continued. In order to increase the tragedy’s impact, Otis was made the “victim,” which allowed Yuri Sardarov to leave “Chicago Fire.”

Despite reports that Sardarov didn’t want to quit the show, he was admirably professional enough to accept the choice made for the benefit of the programme. In the same TVLine interview, Haas said, “I called Yuri and told him what we were going to do, and I’ve never had a call as professional and as gracious, and I think, in the back of my head, that I know why: because he’s a writer himself, and he understands that you, as a writer, have to surprise the audience and give them something that they weren’t expecting.”

Following his departure from “Chicago Fire,” Sardarov said, “Thank you for the best 7 years of my life. “A heartfelt goodbye to Otis. He will always be my friend, as well as the friends of everyone who knew and loved him. He also had a soul patch and a thick moustache. Really, it’s never over. You will always be loved by him, the actor continued.

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How Did Otis Die?

Firehouse 51 makes an attempt to put out a fire in a mattress business in the seventh season finale. At least fifty people are trapped in the factory basement when Otis and his colleagues enter the building, which is on fire. There is only one stairs in the building, and it has entirely burned down. The firefighters nevertheless make every effort to evacuate the factory. Senior firefighter Christopher Herrmann warns that an explosion could occur at any moment after hearing a boiler whistle. All of the units are instructed to leave the building by Chief Boden. The firefighters insist that they must ensure the safety of their coworkers before leaving, though.

Why Did Otis Leave Chicago Fire:

The boiler blows up in the opening episode of the eighth season while the crew is still inside. Joe Cruz is concerned for Otiz and discovers him to be seriously hurt by the explosion. Joe brings an unresponsive Otis outside the factory with assistance from others and transports him, along with Sylvie Brett, in an ambulance to a hospital. They discover Otis’ severely burned chest as they open his jacket. Otis is not going to survive, despite the fact that a doctor at the hospital attends to him promptly. Otis promises Cruz, “brother, I will be with you, always,” before dying to the injuries he sustained in the boiler explosion.

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“Chicago Fire” co-creator Derek Haas wanted to show that death plays a vital role in the programme. To illustrate the risks associated with firefighting as a profession, they chose to kill off a character. Yuri Sardarov was made the “victim” in order to increase the tragedy’s impact. This allowed Sardarov to leave “Chicago Fire,” and his character Darren Ritter to die. Otis dies in the seventh season finale of “Chicago Fire”. Actor Haas: “I’ve never had a call as professional and as gracious, and I know why”.

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