Why Did Nami Leave the Challenge 38? Ride or Die Episode 2 Focused on Some of the Other Players.


Throughout the course of a season of The Challenge, competitors come and leave as a result of eliminations or tragic medical disqualifications that result in their ejection.

However, in several of MTV’s most recent seasons, unexpected player departures for a variety of reasons have occurred rather frequently. Occasionally, no explanation is given for their departures.

In the first two episodes of the 38th season, Ride or Dies, there were several cast changes, including the departures of Kaycee Clark and her brother Kenny.

Host TJ Lavin unexpectedly called the Clarks back in Episode 2 after announcing that they had to quit the game prior to the episode’s daily challenge.

Prior to it, Episode 2 included a second major surprise regarding Nam Vo. Former Ultimate Beastmaster contestant was eliminated from the show for an additional season.

Here are some details regarding why Nam Vo had to leave the Ride or Die season of The Challenge.

TJ Discloses That Nam Had to Leave Ride or Die

In Ride or Die, there are pairs of colleagues with a deep bond. Nam’s relationship with rookie competition Emmy Russ proved insufficient to keep her in the game.

In Ride or Dies Episode 2, as cast members arrived at the venue of the daily challenge, TJ explained that another team had to quit the game.

“Before we begin, we have a few announcements. Apparently, Emmy can’t handle it,” TJ remarked as a film showed her rubbing her hands in the sand near the muck pit during the first daily challenge.

“Emmy. Nam. You’re out of here,” TJ announced as cameras showed cast members appearing furious and searching the area.

However, the episode footage never showed Emmy and Nam visiting the daily challenge site with the rest of the cast. Instead, the show featured a confessional in which Nam expressed his feelings over the issue.

“Emmy, I’m disappointed in you as a person…as a human being, and as my Ride or Die,” Nam stated, adding, “I just hope there will be another chance for me in the future.”

As the programme aired, Nam posted an Instagram photo (below) to the social media platform. After spending so much time training for this season of The Challenge, he expressed how tough it was for him to leave the show in such a manner.

He also referred to himself as “The Challenge’s unluckiest participant” and stated, “Everything occurs for a reason.” Nam also stated that he will “never give up” and patiently wait for his opportunity to “star brighter than ever before.”

Nam’s elimination from MTV’s competition show is both unexpected and disappointing. On Double Agents, he debuted as a rookie alongside Olympic athlete Lolo Jones. There were initial sparks between them, but these quickly fizzled out, and the pair had problems working together effectively as teams.


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In addition to Lolo’s departure from the show, Nam also suffered a back ailment. TJ disclosed that Nam was medically excluded from the season after he had his lingering injury examined.

In the Spies, Lies, and Allies season, he suffered a similar fate, but much sooner. According to sources, he was unable to participate in the first episode owing to COVID-19 and was sent home.

In his third season, he made it to Episode 2, but his teammate decided she no longer wanted to compete in The Challenge. Emmy had not reacted on her social media about the leaving as of this time.

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Other Participants Appeared in Ride or Die Episode 2

After Nam and Emmy left the game in Episode 2, three new participants joined the competition. As previously said, TJ reintroduced Kaycee and Kenny. In Episode 1, he announced that the pair had to abandon the game. Later, in an online interview, Kaycee disclosed that it was because they tested positive for COVID-19.

TJ, however, declared in Episode 2 that Kaycee and Kenny were free to return. Due to Nam and Emmy’s departure, a substitute team was required, therefore Kaycee and Kenny arrived to compete in the final daily challenge.

Later in the show, TJ once again surprised everyone. Moments after the second elimination of the season, TJ announced that he was in a pleasant mood and introduced one of the “most famous” Challenge players of all time.


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A unknown individual entered The Zone, ultimately removing his hood to expose his face. It was three-time champion Jordan Wiseley, to to the amazement of the entire cast, particularly his ex-fiancee Tori Deal.

Jordan was the third veteran of Ride or Dies to make an unexpected entrance. At the conclusion of the pilot episode, TJ introduced seven-time champion Johnny Bananas and his teammate Nany Gonzalez.

Most fans have noticed in trailers and promotional materials that Jordan will be working with Tori’s close friend, Aneesa Ferreira. Jordan did not appear with a teammate.

Intriguingly, Aneesa appeared in the pilot with a different teammate. However, this team was eliminated as a result of hasty alterations made to the Season 38 cast.

Fans also anticipate the appearance of at least one further surprise squad. Veronica Portillo and Darrell Taylor will return to MTV’s competition show to demonstrate if they still have what it takes.

The Challenge: Ride or Die airs on MTV on Wednesdays at 8pm/7c.

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