Why Did Megan Boone Leave Blacklist: What Has Happened to Megan Boone?


One of the most important episodes in “The Blacklisthistory, “‘s for a variety of reasons, is the season 8 finale. The programme promised to provide answers to a number of queries that fans had been asking for eight years. The episode’s high point is supposed to be the incontrovertible Reddington revealing his identity following a titanic confrontation with Townsend. The death of Megan Boone’s Elizabeth Keen, however, which confirmed reports that the actress was leaving the show, shocked the fans the most.

Liz’s death confused viewers of “The Blacklist,” who believed that the show’s development without the character would be virtually impossible, in addition to Megan’s supporters. You must naturally be curious to learn more about Megan’s exit from the series and her future after that. Here is everything we are aware of!

Why Did Megan Boone Leave Blacklist

Why Did Megan Boone Leave the Blacklist?

For a very long time, it appeared that Megan Boone would leave “The Blacklist” after the eighth season. NBC and Megan, regrettably, have not disclosed the precise reason for the actress’ departure. However, it appears that the choice was jointly reached following numerous negotiations between the actress and the producers. This allowed the authors enough time to create a narrative arc to explain Megan’s exclusion from the series’ upcoming plotlines.

On social media, Megan posted a touching message to the show’s viewers. She said on social media that the eight years she spent portraying Liz Keen had improved how she saw the world and herself. “As her narrative comes to a close, I am grateful, most of all, for the individuals I shared this time with,” the actress concluded. “My fellow cast members, both current and past, our great crew, who carried every single day for everyone involved, and those of you we delighted.”

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After the broadcast of the season 8 finale, the show’s creator Jon Bokenkamp also thanked Megan. “My gratitude is beyond words, Megan. You have been an amazing partner and collaborator, and I am very pleased of what we have accomplished together. I want to express my sincere gratitude for this amazing journey. I’m excited to see what you come up with next,” he tweeted. We might infer from these words that Megan and the show’s creators parted ways with the highest regard for one another.

From what we understand, Megan Boone quit “The Blacklist” in order to advance her career through a variety of positions in the business. The day after the season 8 finale aired, on June 24, 2021, Megan declared the opening of her production company, Weird Sister. After agreeing to an agreement with Sony Pictures Television, one of the production companies working on “The Blacklist,” the company was officially launched. Megan commended the show in the announcement for teaching her everything she knows about producing television.

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What Has Happened to Megan Boone?

Following the conclusion of season 8 of “The Blacklist,” Megan prioritised spending time with her family. Additionally, her Instagram page reveals that she has developed a love for gardening. My summer of rest, rehabilitation, and reflection ended today,” Megan wrote in a note she posted on social media on September 10, 2021, suggesting she return to the workforce after a break. It appears that she will be concentrating on her production firm, Weird Sister, to develop and produce new series projects for Sony Pictures Television, despite the fact that she currently has no known acting obligations in the works.

Why Did Megan Boone Leave Blacklist

Sony Pictures Television President Jeff Frost highlighted the company’s joy at working with Megan on upcoming projects. “Megan’s artistic ability and vision are a wonderful complement to our creative direction and emphasis, and we are really eager to work on new projects with her. We anticipate having a great deal of future success working together, he stated, per Deadline.

Megan was open about her goals for the future with Weird Sister and Sony Pictures Television after the company’s start. “Weird Sister is headed by women and values diversity. In the people I work with, the character-driven stories I want to tell, and the distinctive worlds I look forward to creating with a varied team of partners, I consider alternative perspectives and oddities as crucial strengths,” she said. Hopefully, Megan will come up with interesting projects soon and let us know what she has been working on.

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The season 8 finale of NBC’s “The Blacklist” ended with the death of Megan Boone’s Elizabeth Keen. Boone’s exit from the show has left fans scratching their heads. Megan Boone quit “The Blacklist” after season 8. She started a production company, Weird Sister, the day after the finale aired. Sony Pictures Television President Jeff Frost says they are eager to work with her on upcoming projects. Megan has no known acting commitments in the works at this time.

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