Why Did Izzie Leave Grey’s Anatomy? Everything You Need to Know!


Twelve years have passed since Katherine Heigl left the television series Grey’s Anatomy. Many of us are still surprised. The debut of the medical drama Grey’s Anatomy occurred on March 27, 2005. Interns, residents, and attendings spend their frantic workdays attempting to preserve a patient’s life. This series was quite popular. It went on to air for a total of 19 seasons, with the most current season premiering on October 6, 2022.

Izzie Stevens was an original cast member from season one. Katherine Heigl portrays Izzie. She began her career as an intern alongside colleagues Meredith Grey and Cristina Yang. At the conclusion of the sixth season, she was a working resident at Seattle Grace Hospital. Izzie was one of the most critically lauded roles portrayed by Katherin Heigl, and she garnered numerous honours, including the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding supporting actress in a Drama Series.

Izzie was not only a character praised by critics, but also a popular favourite. This model-turned-surgeon was required for the show. Even though fans had predicted Katherine Heigl’s departure from the show due to behind-the-scenes strife, it was nonetheless a shock. We are here to analyse the cause of her abrupt exit from the show.

The Story Arc of Izzie on Grey’s Anatomy

Izzie, a former model with tall stature and blonde hair, began interning at the Grace Seattle hospital at the age of 25. In the first episode, she and George move in with Meredith and strike a bond almost immediately. Her primary plot arc involves her connections with Meredith and other medical interns.

Alex and Izzy were in a relationship, but Alex’s sexual dysfunction with Lizzie led him to cheat on Izzy. She breaks up with him after discovering his infidelity. Alex and Izzie are the OTP, and despite numerous breakups, they eventually reconciled.

Denny Duquette was one of Izzie’s most devastating relationships during the duration of her screen time. He was a patient of Cardiothoracics. As a result of his hospitalisation, they both fell in love. When his health condition deteriorated, she was forced to remove his LVAD in order to stop his suffering. He later dies. They were engaged, and in his will he gave her $8.7 million. She uses these funds to establish a clinic in his honour at the hospital.

Prior to reconciling with Alex, she had an affair with George. The romantic arc between George and Izzies was not well welcomed. During her second year, she and her ex-boyfriend Alex reconcile. During the same time period, she begins to hallucinate about her deceased ex-boyfriend, Denny. It led to the identification of her malignancy. She is diagnosed with metastatic stage 4 melanoma. The physicians stated that her prospects of life were quite low. Dr. Derek Shepherd saves her and successfully cures her, but before to her radiation, her ovum and Alex’s sperm were taken for future IVF attempts.

Why Did Izzie Stevens Get Fire?

Even though she returned to work, her body was still recovering. She ultimately overdosed on a patient. This blunder was the cause of her dismissal. She assumed Alex was responsible for her dismissal, despite his innocence. Later, when she finds Alex had nothing to do with her dismissal, she returns and apologises in the hopes of reconciling with him. He had moved on from the romance and had no desire to rekindle it. Alex tells her he deserves better, and they end their relationship. He recommended her to leave the city, and she subsequently did so.

Despite Izzie’s departure, her name continued to remain on the show. As one of the key characters, it is impossible to completely dismiss her. At the time of her departure, she was still Alex’s wife. A few episodes after her departure, she delivers Alex the divorce letter. When Alex is shot in a later episode, he asks for her, indicating that he still has affections for her.


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Her name then appears in Grey’s Anatomy season 12. Camilla, Alex’s partner, discovers in this season that Izzie may have utilised the fertilised embryo she preserved during radiation therapy to have children with Alex. Alex is perpetually haunted by the memories of his ex-partner; he never seems to truly move on.

Alex departed the programme after the sixteenth season, and he seeks out Izzie, who is now a surgical oncologist. She resides in Kansas. It comes out that she did use embryos to conceive children. She gave birth to twins Alexis and Elis. This is the conclusion of their narrative arc; the long-term partner reunites with their two children.

Why Did Katherine Heigl Leave the Television Series Grey’s Anatomy?

There were widespread rumours that Katherine Heigl was difficult to work with. Heigl notoriously withdrew from consideration for the 60th Primetime Emmy Awards. This resulted in conflict among the authors. She stated that she did not earn the honour because she lacked sufficient content from the season to be nominated. A comment that equally stunned the show’s producers and its viewers.

Fans believed that her character will be killed off in subsequent seasons as a result of this historic Emmys incident. However, she had two more seasons before leaving the show.

Episode 12 of the sixth season marks her official exit from the show. She was planned to appear in additional episodes, however she asked to be freed from her contract. It was 18 months until the end of her contract. The producers of the show reached an agreement with Heigl that she would no longer be a part of the series, and that her final episode would air in the twelfth season.

Focusing on her children was a factor in her decision to leave the show. She took maternity leave in the middle of filming, which was extended, and she ultimately opted to go. During the sixth season, she adopted a child. She stated that she wanted to prioritise her child and spend more time bonding with him or her. Her decision to leave the show was ultimately motivated by her desire to spend more time with her family.

Is Izzie Returning to Grey’s Anatomy?

Initially, the show’s producer and creator, Shonda Rhimes, stated that she would consider Izzie’s return, but as the series progressed and more stories were introduced, she ruled out the possibility. She did not abandon the persona entirely. Izzie’s story is intertwined with Alex’s, and she made some (invisible) appearances in later seasons for Alex’s plot. Currently, Shonda Rhimes believes that she is “done with the story.”

Katherine Heigl is likewise excitedly anticipating her return to the show. Izzie was a vital component of the show, and she cannot be abandoned in such a manner. Even though her tale is currently concluded, there is still a chance that she will appear on the show. If she ever does this, Grey’s Anatomy fans around the world will be ecstatic. There is currently no official information regarding her potential return, but we can always dream!

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Career of Katherine Heigl After Grey’s Anatomy

She then performed in Romantic Comedies, such as Life as we know it, New Year’s Eve, and The Big Wedding. She also starred in the dark comedy Home Sweet Hell.

Her most recent endeavour is Firefly Lane. She is cast alongside Ben Lawson and Sarah Chalke in a leading role. The show premiered on Netflix in 2021. It was successful and renewed for a second season. In addition, it was revealed that she would write the biography of Victoria Woodhull, the first woman to run for president in the United States.

Even though she had a reputation for being difficult to deal with due to the backstage turmoil on Grey’s Anatomy, her co-stars admired her for being courageous and sticking up for herself.


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