Why Did Hotch Leave Criminal Minds: Who Was Hotch on Criminal Minds?


Aaron “Hotch” Hotchner, portrayed by Thomas Gibson, served as the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit’s former head. Earlier than joining the FBI, Hotch worked as a prosecutor. In Seattle, Washington, he later worked as an FBI profiler before being sent to Quantico. Gibson was one of the top FBI agents, a natural leader with amazing deduction abilities. Even though he addressed the majority of his cases with a clinical sense of detachment, he occasionally allowed his emotions to get the better of him.

After an unsub named George Foyet murders his wife Haley in season 5, Hotch kills the man by beating him. Even after that, Hotch remained the team’s captain. Gibson did, however, leave the show in its 12th season despite his popularity. Here is all the information you require. Spoilers follow.

Why Did Hotch Leave Criminal Minds

Who Was Hotch on Criminal Minds?

Criminal Minds’ inaugural episode introduced Aaron Hotchner as the team commander of the Behavioral Analysis Unit. While other characters first assumed the role of the protagonist, particularly Mandy Patinkin’s Jason Gideon, Hotch evolved into a sort of team father figure, with many individuals looking to him for direction and counsel in addition to tasks.

Hotch participated in field activities alongside the rest of his team, although many of his storylines were concerned with his personal life. He struggled to find time for his family after having a child with his wife in the first season, which ultimately resulted in his divorce. Later seasons would concentrate on Hotch trying to build a strong relationship with his kid and, eventually, on the risks of introducing his family to the kind of violent criminals the BAU tries to arrest.

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Why Did Hotch Leave Criminal Minds?

Alongside Penelope Garcia, Hotch served as the BAU’s unit leader and team’s media relations officer in the universe. Hotch decides to enter the Witness Protection Program after learning that an unsub named Peter Lewis, also known as Mr. Scratch, is following his son Jack, but not before choosing Emily Prentiss to take over as the unit head.

Season 13 doesn’t feature Hotch, but we learn that he and his son left Witness Protection Protection when Peter Lewis passed away. Hotch, though, has chosen to prioritise parenting his son rather than going back to the BAU. Hotch makes an appearance in Spencer Reid’s hallucination in the series’ climax.

Gibson reportedly lost his job in the real world after getting into a fight with a writer. Thomas Gibson has been fired from “Criminal Minds,” according to a statement from ABC Studios and CBS Television Studios to Us Weekly. At a later time, “creative details on how the character’s exit from the programme will be addressed will be released.”

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Gibson expressed disappointment that he wouldn’t be a part of “Criminal Minds” till it ended in his own comment to the same publication. The actor stated, “I love ‘Criminal Minds’ and have given my heart and soul to it for the last twelve years. It won’t be possible for me to finish it today, contrary to my earlier expectations. Just a quick note of gratitude to the show’s authors, producers, actors, wonderful crew, and—most importantly—its devoted audience.

There were disagreements and artistic differences on the set, Gibson continued. I’m sorry it happened. To put on the finest show we can, we all want to work as a team. We have always and always will.

Why Did Hotch Leave Criminal Minds

Where Is Thomas Gibson Now?

Following his departure from “Criminal Minds,” Gibson provided the voice of Joseph in the 2017 thriller-drama movie “Axis.” Gibson had an appearance in the action thriller “Shadow Wolves” in 2019 as Colonel Branson. He will play the lead role in “The Writer’s Bible,” which he and the movie’s director, J.P. Gibson, co-wrote.
After his departure, “Criminal Minds” aired for three more seasons. Although there is minimal likelihood that Gibson will return to the Criminal Minds universe, one may always hold out hope that the revival series will eventually result in a reboot for Hotch.

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Hotch was the former head of the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit. He left the show in its 12th season after his wife filed for divorce. Emily Prentiss was chosen to take over as the BAU’s head. Thomas Gibson has been fired from “Criminal Minds”. There were disagreements and artistic differences on the set, Gibson said.

He will appear in the 2019 thriller “Shadow Wolves” as Colonel Branson. There is no chance that Gibson will return to the Criminal Minds universe.

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