Why Did Giacomo Leave Grey’s? Everything You Need to Know! 2022


We must bid farewell to yet another Grey’s Anatomy cast member. Doctor Andrew DeLuca (who also exists in the crossover world of Station 19) was murdered by a member of the trafficking ring in the midseason premiere. He stabbed him, and despite being rushed to the hospital, he tragically passed away. The good (bittersweet) news? The smugglers were apprehended.

Andrew (played by Giacomo Gianniotti) believes a patient is being trafficked by a so-called aunt who brought the victim to the hospital for treatment in Season 16. Andrew, who suffers from bipolar disorder, was in the midst of a manic episode, so everyone assumed he was paranoid. However, he eventually spotted the trafficker (Opal) and was determined to pursue her. Which he did, leading to his death. Andrew DeLuca has died.

While the plot makes perfect sense, fans are curious as to why Andrew was eliminated for a different reason. Given that this is Grey’s Anatomy and that the show has been known to kill off characters for alleged personal reasons, did the same thing occur here?

Why Did Giacomo Gianniotti Leave the Television Series Grey’s Anatomy?

Giacomo Gainniotti left Grey’s Anatomy because it was the best decision for his character, although he is rumoured to return in one of Meredith Grey’s beach dream sequences, so be on the lookout. Andrew’s death was planned, and there does not appear to be any animosity between the actor and the show. According to showrunner Kristina Vernoff, his character died as a “hero.”

She stated to Variety “I believe he died a hero. I believe he fought for the causes he believed in. And the mental health crisis had passed. He had become a highly productive hospital employee. And he would not allow this woman to leave again.”

Before that, she explained how she learned of Andrew’s death, saying, “The story literally told itself to me. I went for a walk on the beach to generate ideas for my pitches, and these episodes came to me like a vision, fully formed. And I was like, ‘Oh, no! ‘Is that all there is to the story?’ Indeed, it was so. We knew it was the midseason finale story when I pitched it.”

She went on, “Occasionally, stories present themselves to you, and your heart breaks. You’re thinking, “That’s not how I want that story to end!” However, that is so much of life in 2018:”

On Instagram, Giacomo addressed the passing of his character, stating, “And that’s a wrap! Ten days of breathtaking, fast-paced, red-eyed splendour. Would not change it for anything. Many thanks to my entire team at @greysabc for their support.”

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Also, he tweeted, “So many things come to mind, but all I can say is thank you. Thank you to all the Deluca fans who shared my enthusiasm. Telling his story has been and will continue to be one of the greatest privileges of my life. Thank you.” We are not crying; it is you who are crying.

Grey’s Anatomy airs new episodes every Thursday at 9 p.m. EST on ABC.

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