Why Did Emmy Rossum Leave Shameless? Where is Emmy Rossum Now?


Even though the series concluded last year, the eleven seasons of Shameless on Showtime remain popular. Emmy Rossum’s Fiona Gallagher is a much-loved staple of Shameless, despite the coarse comedy, unhealthy amount of drinking, and general turmoil of the series’ many seasons.

Fiona, who acted as a mother figure for the turbulent Gallagher family, provided a sense of stability and warmth to the show’s crude depiction of the South Side of Chicago. Alongside the clan’s father, Frank (William H. Macy), Fiona served as the series’ primary protagonist for the bulk of its run.

Unfortunately, despite being a fan favourite, Rossum’s character did not make it to the end of Shameless, leaving permanently at the end of Season 9.

How Was Fiona Dismissed?

At the beginning of Season 8, Fiona’s life was going swimmingly. With the Gallagher clan all grown up (save Liam), the family’s pseudo-matriarch was finally able to concentrate on herself.

She obtains a solid position running Patsy’s Pies, a new love, and real estate success. She even manages to move out of the Gallagher family’s South Side house and into a gentrified neighbourhood where she owns and operates an apartment complex. However, just when it appears that Fiona has finally broken the cycle of poverty, everything comes crashing down.

A buyer withdraws from Fiona’s most recent investment, rendering her unable to acquire the property. Unfortunately, she cannot recover the money she has already invested. Fiona understands she has no alternative but to foreclose on her apartment building and move back in with her family because she has returned to square one financially.

Faced with her previous life, Fiona begins to drink excessively, becoming a reflection of her detested father. She loses her job at Patsy’s, fails to pay her portion of the bills, and engages in frequent conflict. At one point, she even leads the police on a pursuit. How unwise of her.

After losing everything she had worked for, Fiona’s relationship was next in line for termination. After following her boyfriend’s phone to an unfamiliar residence, Fiona discovers a shocking sight: his wife and child. She is understandably astonished. This is Fiona’s breaking point. As she flees in a drunken rage, she crashes her automobile. The final remnant of her idealised existence gone.

Fiona’s life has nowhere to go but up once she reached her lowest point. Fiona gets sober and begins attending AA meetings with the support of her brother, Lip, who is also in recovery. She finds a job at a neighbourhood convenience store, which harkens back to the character’s early days of working any job she could to live. Soon after settling into her new position, Fiona’s former investing partner visits her place of employment, bringing back with him her lavish lifestyle. He informs her that the investor who backed out of the real estate transaction earlier in the season has chosen to buy the entire property and has agreed to pay Fiona her $100,000 compensation.

With a fresh perspective on life, Fiona resolves to leave the South Side and begin a new life for herself. With a tearful farewell to her entire family, including Frank, Fiona departs, but not before giving the children she raised one-half of her newly acquired riches.

Why Did Emmy Rossum Quit the Show Shameless?

Prior to the production of the eighth season of Shameless, it was rumoured that the cast had contractual concerns. Rossum reported earning much less than co-star William H. Macy, despite the fact that both were contractually paid equally. Rossum, according to Variety, demanded not just equal compensation with Macy, but also a wage boost to compensate for years of wrongful pay. Rossum later stated in a now-deleted tweet, “Playing Fiona Gallagher has been one of the greatest privileges of my life. I’m thrilled to continue my Shameless family! Back to work in May!” confirming her participation in Season 8 of Shameless.


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However, the apparent resolve did not endure long. In 2018, after having appeared in Seasons 8 and 9, Rossum announced her departure from the television series Shameless. In a thoughtful Facebook post, Rossum framed her departure as a chance to pursue other endeavours. “The opportunity to portray Fiona was a blessing. Few characters, female or otherwise, are as multidimensional and vibrant,” she added. “She is a strong, imperfect, and sexually free lioness mother. She is wounded and weak, but she will never surrender. She lives in a depressed economy but refuses to be depressed. She is inventive. She is devoted. She has courage. I knew as soon as I read the pilot screenplay that this was unique and extraordinary.”

In her letter, Rossum described the poignant experiences created on the Shameless set before announcing her departure from the show: “I know you will continue without me for the time being. There is much more to tell about Gallagher. I will always have my family’s back. Try not to think of me as gone; simply consider that I’ve moved down the street.”

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Where is Emmy Rossum Currently?

Rossum has continued her work in the entertainment business while focusing on her personal life since leaving Shameless. Rossum featured alongside Liam Neeson in the 2019 film Cold Pursuit, her only cinematic appearance since her leave. Rossum made a special appearance in the final season of her husband Sam Esmail’s critically acclaimed sitcom Mr. Robot. Rossum has also worked behind the scenes, directing an episode of Animal Kingdom for TNT in 2017 and an episode of Modern Love for Amazon Prime in 2019. The actress has also achieved success off-screen; Rossum and Esmail welcomed their first child, a girl, in early 2021.


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Rossum has continued to demonstrate her abilities both in front of and behind the camera. Two episodes of her favourite Shameless have been credited to her direction: “I Am A Storm” (Season 7, Episode 4) and “Frank’s Northern Shuttle Express” (Season 8, Episode 8). This year, she has taken on a role with a lengthier duration than her previous intermittent directing positions on shows. Rossum plays the title character in the miniseries Angelyne and also serves as the show’s executive producer. This part is a stark contrast to the dark-haired, outspoken Fiona: Angelyne is a blonde stunner who is surrounded by fame and admiration, but makes it a point to remain elusive and hidden. The programme received extremely high accolades from critics and audiences, demonstrating that Rossum’s efforts to expand her career since her breakthrough on Shameless are bearing fruit.

Regarding Rossum’s future, it has been reported that she will have a leading part in the upcoming AppleTV+ series The Crowded Room. For those of us who miss the depth and emotion she poured into Fiona, this series looks like a chance to see her as the rough-around-the-edges character for which she is renowned. According to what we know, her role as Candy Sullivan will examine the effects of mental health disorders and other societal struggles. These themes were extensively addressed in Shameless, so we can anticipate Rossum’s portrayal to contain some very painful moments. Rossum will appear opposite Tom Holland, Amanda Seyfried, and Jason Isaacs in The Crowded Room. Its release date has yet to be determined.

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Where Are Emmy Rossum’s Former Co-Stars?

Emmy Rossum is not the only actor from Shameless who has been active since the series’ conclusion. Jeremy Allen White, who portrayed Lip on Shameless, starred in the critically praised film The Bear this year. Allen plays Carmy Berzatto in the FX on Hulu series, who inherits the Chicago sandwich shop from his brother (Jon Bernthal) following the latter’s suicide. A second season has been ordered for the programme. White will portray professional wrestler Kerry Von Erick in the upcoming Von Erick family biopic The Iron Claw. Kevin Von Erich will be played by Zac Efron and Lily James will co-star. And that wasn’t the only show starring a Shameless alum this year. Amanda Seyfried portrays Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes in the Hulu series The Dropout, which followed the rise and collapse of Theranos founder Richard Fuisz, represented by William H. Macy. As Jimmy Lishman on Shameless, Justin Chatwin appears in the Netflix sci-fi drama Another Life. Against Dennis Quaid, he will portray Ronald Reagan’s father in the upcoming biopic of the former president, Reagan.

Rossum’s rationale for leaving closely resembles that of her character on the show. Despite the fact that many fans and publications are looking for scandalous stories or angry arguments, none of them appear to be true. Rossum has repeatedly referred to the cast of Shameless as her “family,” demonstrating her ardent support for the series. Rossum embodies both loyalty and the willingness to develop, much like Fiona. Rossum is in the same position as Fiona in that she has an unknown but exciting potential career ahead of her.

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