Why Did Derek Leave Grey’s Anatomy: How Did Derek Shepherd Return?


The moniker “McDreamy” is probably well-known to people who have never watched Grey’s Anatomy for more than a few minutes. Dr. Derek Shepherd, played by Patrick Dempsey, was renowned for both his intellect and good looks; in medical dramas, doctors are almost always both intelligent and attractive, never just one or the other. Both Derek and Dempsey swiftly gained popularity and have generally maintained it, even after Dempsey’s abrupt exit from the series in 2014. They were both Meredith Grey’s love interest.

There haven’t been many convincing plausible explanations for Dempsey’s abrupt departure from Grey’s Anatomy up until lately. But almost ten years have passed since everything happened, and more members of the cast and crew, including Dempsey himself, have come forward.

Why Did Derek Leave Grey's Anatomy

Why Did Patrick Dempsey Leave Grey’s Anatomy?

Grey’s Anatomy Season 11’s climax, when Derek was engaged in an accident that left him brain-dead, stunned and depressed viewers to the point of despair. When Meredith took the difficult decision to let him leave, it quickly became clear that she had been left a widow, a mother of two, and was expecting a third child.

The conclusion of Derek’s journey is unmistakable and straightforward, but Dempsey’s reported motives for leaving the series are murky. According to Vanity Fair, he reportedly became practically impossible to deal with in later seasons due to scheduling conflicts, according to reports from producers and others who collaborated with him on the show.

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Dempsey later said that over time, filming for a show like Grey’s had a significant negative impact on him. “Ten months, fifteen hours per day. Your child may question you, “What are you doing on Monday? ” because you never know your schedule, he or she added. I don’t know my timetable, so you say, “I don’t know.”” Dempsey left the main cast after more than a decade, and no one ever anticipated that he would come back. Then, 2020 completely upended everyone’s expectations.

How Did Derek Shepherd Return to Grey’s Anatomy?

Grey’s Anatomy’s 17th season put a lot of emphasis on how the COVID-19 epidemic was affecting the show’s characters. These episodes gave viewers a glimpse into the situation from the perspective of medical experts while also giving Meredith time to confront individuals from her past while suffering from virus-related issues.

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Derek Shepherd was one of the individuals she confronted while dozing off. Throughout the season, the two frequently discussed their children and what it was like for Meredith to carry on without him. He was the one who persuaded Meredith to keep trying to live and come out of her coma toward the conclusion of the season.

Despite allegations of prior conflict between Dempsey, Pompeo, and other series cast and staff members, Dempsey didn’t seem to have much misgivings about briefly returning to the show. In reality, the actor revealed to Variety that his comeback was intended to inspire fans amid a world crisis:

Why Did Derek Leave Grey's Anatomy

It’s still possible that this wasn’t Derek Shepherd’s final appearance for viewers. Dempsey responded as countless others before him have done in response to the issue of whether his character might visit Grey’s again: “The future? With this programme, you can never say never, right?”

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Patrick Dempsey played Dr. Derek Shepherd on “Grey’s Anatomy”. Some members of the cast and crew have come forward to discuss what happened. Dempsey left Grey’s Anatomy more than a decade ago. The actor said he wanted to inspire fans amid a world crisis. It’s possible that he’ll return to the show in some capacity in the future.

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