Why Did Cody Rhodes Leave AEW? He Issues Statement Regarding Departure From AEW


Cody Rhodes, an American professional wrestler who most recently performed for All Elite Wrestling, has told to his fans that he is leaving AEW, and it has been officially confirmed. This article will discuss whether Cody Rhodes is leaving AEW, why he left AEW, and whether he is returning to WWE.

Cody Rhodes

Runnels, Cody Garrett Rhodes, an American professional wrestler born on June 30, 1985, most recently worked for All Elite Wrestling (AEW) as a three-time AEW TNT Champion and executive vice president. He was born on June 30, 1985. In May 2016, Rhodes left WWE after asking his release.

Since it was revealed that Cody Rhodes is actually departing AEW, the events of the last twenty-four hours have stunned wrestling fans. Cody may have had a disagreement with AEW president Tony Khan, resulting in his resignation, if rumours are to be believed.

Is it possible for Cody Rhodes to perform the impossible and return to WWE? On Twitter, AEW confirmed Brandi and Cody’s departure, announcing that they are absolutely leaving the organisation. Cody Rhodes’s departure from AEW is explained in greater depth in the next section.

Cody Rhodes’s Departure From AEW.

According to an organisation statement made on Tuesday and confirmed by the wrestler himself, Cody Rhodes and his wife Brandi have parted ways with All Elite Wrestling. Cody has been a free agent since the beginning of the year, according to sources. Cody’s exit from the promotion could be the result of his inability to negotiate a new contract with AEW. Cody was the Executive Vice President of the organisation and a wrestler. The CEO of All Elite Wrestling, Tony Khan, issued a statement praising Cody and his wife Brandi for their efforts to the creation of the company.

Why Did Cody Rhodes Resign From AEW?

In addition to wanting to know if Cody Rhodes is leaving AEW Additionally, folks have been curious as to why Cody Rhodes left AEW. Cody has been a free agent since the beginning of the year, according to sources. Cody’s exit from the promotion could be the result of his inability to negotiate a new contract with AEW. Cody was the Executive Vice President of the organisation and a wrestler.


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Will Cody Rhodes Return to WWE?

There has been no formal announcement on Cody Rhodes’ return to WWE. Since the news of Cody’s departure from AEW leaked, it has been believed that the 36-year-old could return to WWE in the near future to resume his career. Cody has not yet confirmed the rumour, and WWE has not issued an official comment. Rhodes was a member of the WWE roster from 2006 to 2016, however he left following a rivalry with Triple H. Dusty Rhodes, the father of Dusty Rhodes, was also a WWE wrestler.

Cody Rhodes Issues Statement Regarding Departure From AEW

In the interim, following his decision to quit AEW, Rhodes made a statement. Rhodes praised Tony Khan and his wife Brandi for their continuous support, as well as the contributions of a number of individuals who assisted him along the journey, in his statement. In contrast, Rhodes did not discuss his future in the wrestling profession or WWE. “I’ve enjoyed my stay at AEW.” The locker room is extraordinary.

Incredible Supporters Incredible individuals. The revolution was broadcast on television, and I was fortunate enough to participate. Before anything else, I’d like to convey my appreciation to Tony Khan. It has been an honour to work for him and get to know him on a personal level.

He has a beautiful soul. Rhodes stated in a statement, “Obviously, I need to thank Brandi, my beautiful wife and the mother of my daughter, for all of her love and support throughout our journey together, as well as for the incredible partnership she created between Kulture City and the American Heart Association.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Did Cody Rhodes Decide to Leave?

Cody Rhodes, the son of wrestling legend Dusty Rhodes, spent a decade with WWE before quitting in 2016 to pursue his own wrestling ambitions independently of the sports entertainment behemoth.

Why Did Cody Quit Elite Status?

After a lengthy internal conflict within Bullet Club, Omega and The Young Bucks’ ‘Elite’ faction departed the group in October 2018. Cody would later depart the company to concentrate on his Nightmare Family stable, and Page would do the same following a dispute with Omega and the Bucks.

Does Cody Rhodes Own AEW?

Cody Rhodes (left) and The Young Bucks (right) of The Elite collaborated to launch the promotion. Tony Khan (left) is the president and CEO of AEW, while his father Shahid Khan (right) is the promotion’s co-lead investor and co-owner.

Is the Blood in AEW Authentic?

Many are surprised to learn that the blood in AEW battles is not the result of an accidental collision, but rather a harsh, ancient practise known as “blading,” in which a wrestler intentionally cuts himself/herself with a razor blade to create a gory match.

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