Who Killed Sarah Goode? Murder Case Update!

Who Killed Sarah Goode? is what people want to know. As a former marine, GPS and cell phone data link him to Sarah’s horrible murder.

Finding Sarah Goode is the 23rd episode of Dateline, which is in its 25th season and is a well-known true crime and investigative journalism TV show. Sarah Goode, a young woman who went missing in the summer of 2019, is the focus of this episode.

Investigators focused on four men in Sarah Goode’s life and a scary bloody handprint found on the hood of her car after she suddenly disappeared at age 21.

Who Killed Sarah Goode?

GPS and cell phone data, as well as a bloody handprint on the hood of Sarah’s car, all pointed to 19-year-old ex-marine Dante Taylor as the killer of Sarah. “People are deceivers. On the other hand, records aren’t. Sarah’s mother says in a Dateline sneak peek clip.

Dante Taylor was the last person to call Sarah on the phone. GPS data shows that he called her as he was driving in her direction. Dante was arrested, but he was later set free after the police took his fingerprints, DNA, and cell phone without giving him a reason or telling him his rights.

Who Killed Sarah Goode

They also searched his car without a good reason. Because of how the case was handled, Dante Taylor was set free for a short time. He then went to Vero Beach, Florida, where he was arrested again for a different crime.

It was said that Dante’s crime was caused by feeling rejected. One of Dante’s friends said that he wanted to date Sarah, but she turned him down at the party she went to the night before she died. The prosecution used this story to help prove that Dante was guilty.

“She was a beautiful child, but now her life is over, and I’ll never see her again.” Elizabeth Goode, the mother of her late daughter, said at Dante Taylor’s trial, “I don’t know what I’m going to tell her little girl when she grows up.”

Sarah Goode Murder Case Update!

Sarah Goode, who was 21 at the time, didn’t come home from a party with her friends in June 2014. Sarah’s family was worried at first that she would stay up so late, but this was not a typical night out.

When she didn’t show up to her nephew’s birthday party the next day, her family was worried. Sarah was the one whose family members said she was missing two days after they had last seen her.

Friends and family looked for Sarah right away in the Long Island neighborhood of Medford, New York. The next day, police officers found her 1999 BMW parked in the woods near her home.

Who Killed Sarah Goode

A week later, her body was found about a mile away from where she had left her car. The body of the young woman had been stabbed 42 times and raped. She got so badly hurt that a piece of metal got stuck in her head.

In July 2016, Dante Taylor was given a sentence of life in prison without the chance of getting out for what he did to Sarah Goode.

“You can draw chalk lines on the walls of your cellblock and the cage you will live in, but they won’t matter,” State Supreme Court Justice John Collins said when he gave the sentence. They won’t mean anything because you don’t have to leave by a certain date.”

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