Who is Vanessa Bryant Dating? Let’s Find Out Her Dating Relationship’s Latest Update!


After Kobe Bryant’s untimely death, Vanessa Bryant’s personal life became the focus of public attention. Almost everyone occasionally searches the Internet to determine whether or not she is in a relationship. Has she rediscovered love in her life? On the Internet, rumours have circulated concerning the dating history of Kobe Bryant’s wife, Vanessa Bryant.

Nonetheless, countless fans and followers are still curious as to whether or not she is in a relationship or dating someone. Today, with the aid of this essay, we will investigate whether all of these rumours are genuine and provide a thorough explanation of this rumour. Let’s begin our conversation by establishing the facts.

Vanessa Bryant is a prominent figure and is widely recognised as the widow of the late Kobe Bryant. The couple had enjoyed a long and prosperous marriage. Sadly, the husband of Vanessa Bryant, along with his daughter and seven others, perished in a helicopter crash. Since the horrible event occurred two years ago, there is a great deal of curiosity as to whether or not Kobe’s attractive wife has begun dating again.

Previously, Vanessa Bryant had relationships with various men. And ultimately, she discovered love in Kobe. As Kobe is no longer with her, though, people speculate that she may be with another person. This is now the most popular and trending issue among the audience. As of 2022, rumours of Vanessa Bryant dating are once again at their peak. Vanessa Bryant possesses a plethora of additional intriguing facets that you must be aware of.

The Relationship Between Vanessa Bryant and Pau Gasol

After the death of her spouse, Pau Gasol has provided her with unwavering support. As a result of Kobe’s passing, Pau has helped her through all of her difficulties. Even he acknowledged that Vanessa Bryant is a strong woman and the family’s pillar. He has devoted his entire time to her and her family. In addition to that, he has also given Vanessa Bryant other gifts.

Pau also organised and celebrated Bianka Bella Bryant’s sixth birthday and spent a joyful day with everyone. Vanessa Bryant, on the other hand, published numerous images on her Instagram account. Consequently, from observing the photographs of her with him, the audience assumed that the two of them may be dating. However, no official confirmation of the fact exists. And neither of them has ever commented on the dating rumours.

Therefore, all claims and rumours are baseless, and they are merely close pals. This concerns the rumour between Vanessa Bryant and Pau Gasol. Pau Gasol is only being a supportive buddy to Kobe Bryant’s mourning family. No material on the Internet supports the rumor’s veracity. Therefore, it is regarded as a mere hearsay.


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Who Vanessa Bryant Has Dated

Before becoming engaged to Kobe, Vanessa Bryant dated numerous men. After Kobe’s passing, Vanessa Bryant’s romantic relationships became a hot topic of discussion. Several allegations and rumours are currently circulating on the Internet. Vanessa Bryant and Derek Fisher have been linked.

The audience has developed an interest in the status of her relationship with Derek. The previous year, they were seated together at the WNBA All-Star Game. Kobe and Derek used to play for the Los Angeles Lakers together. In 2021, Derek married Gloria Govan. Prior to marrying Gloria Govan, he was previously married to Candace Fisher.


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His previous marriage to Candace Fisher produced two children. However, he recently adopted two children. Kobe and Bryant neither admitted anything publicly. Therefore, the rumour of their relationship is regarded incorrect.

Additionally, there were reports that Vanessa dated boxer Victor Ortiz. However, none of them ever corroborated any of these. It was discovered to be a mere rumour.

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Relationship Between Kobe and Vanessa Bryant

Vanessa Bryant and her husband, Kobe, were adored and admired by the crowd on a consistent basis. In 1999, the pair was unveiled for the first time. On their first meeting, they expressed mutual interest and a desire to become acquainted. Consequently, in 2001, after two years of dating, they decided to settle down.

The pair has spent around twenty years together. Together, they enjoyed a very successful and contented married life. They have been granted four gorgeous children. In their twenty years of successful marriage, they have experienced many ups and downs together.

Unfortunately, Vanessa Bryant’s spouse perished in an accident in 2020. With his daughter, he perished in a helicopter crash. She has given birth to four daughters, whose names are Gianna, Capri, Natalia, and Bianka. However, she lost Gianna in the same accident as her deceased husband, Kobe.

Throughout their married life, they were spotted at several gatherings and public locations. As a very successful NBA legend, Kobe participated in several games and distinguished himself among his peers. The couple’s chemistry was always highly amorous.

In 2003, Kobe faced adultery claims from a 19-year-old woman. There have been allegations of sexual assault against him. In an interview, he admitted that all of these charges were accurate and that he had been unfaithful to his beautiful wife, Vanessa Bryant. During the interview he gave in front of the media, he showed his rage and loathing for himself.


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He has also admitted to cheating on his wife. He made a grave error in his life. Nevertheless, he also conveyed his feelings and affection for his wife before the crowd. Kobe also described his wife as his support system. In 2011, despite all of these factors and on account of their disagreements, they chose to divorce.

However, in 2013, they both changed their minds and chose to remain together. However, in 2020, Kobe was tragically killed in an accident.

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