Who Is Tony Montana Based On: Latest Info 2022!


The main character and protagonist of the 1983 movie Scarface is a fictional person named Antonio Montana. Al Pacino played this role in the movie, and André Sogliuzzo provided the voice in the video game Scarface: The World Is Yours from the year 2006. Tony Montana is one of the most well-known movie characters of all time and symbolises the ascent from the bottom to the top. Tony Montana has become a cultural icon.


Robert De Niro had been offered and declined the starring role in Scarface, but Al Pacino insisted on taking it. For the part, Pacino trained with a variety of instructors, including boxer Roberto Durán and experts in knife fighting. The character, who had “a certain lion in him,” was also inspired by Durán, according to Pacino. The immigrant character played by Meryl Streep in Sophie’s Choice (1982) also had an impact on Al Pacino’s Tony Montana depiction. He was assisted in learning some nuances of the Cuban dialect and pronunciation by his co-star Steven Bauer and a dialect coach.

Who Is Tony Montana Based On

Is Tony Montana based on a true story?

Tony Camonte, the star of the 1932 film, was only loosely modelled for Montana, and according to Stone, he adopted the last name “Montana” from his favourite player, NFL quarterback Joe Montana. Al Capone, one of the most well-known gangsters in history, served as the model for Camonte.

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Comic book

For the movie’s 20th anniversary, a one-off comic book was created in 2003 as a sort of pseudosequel. It begins where the movie ends, with the authorities evaluating the damage to the Montana estate and finding Tony still alive in the fountain since his body was so heavily drugged that it didn’t stop functioning. After spending months in the hospital, Tony is met by dishonest police officers who claim the federal government has taken everything. The book also details Sosa’s ongoing vendetta against Tony and parts of his background, including how, like Pablo Escobar, he employed underprivileged peasants to produce drugs in exchange for their financial support.

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Video games

In the pseudo-sequel video game Scarface: The World Is Yours from 2006, Tony kills the Skull and escapes from his mansion before it is taken over by Sosa’s men and the police, but he loses all of his money and cocaine in the process. He enters hiding in a small cabin close to Virginia Key Beach, where he declares his intention to give up cocaine and hatches a revenge plan against Sosa. He laments the deaths of Manny and Gina and berates himself for not listening to others’ counsel since he was so stubborn.

Who Is Tony Montana Based On

Three months later, Tony emerges from hiding to reestablish his criminal empire. He earns $10,000 from selling narcotics in a single day, which he then uses to pay many undercover cops who had seized his home into letting him return. He continues to grow his dominion and drive out other would-be assassins. Sosa and Gaspar Gomez, who have joined forces to create a drug monopoly and set their prices exorbitantly high, continue to oppose him. Tony is also duped by George Sheffield, his attorney, who sets him up for a trap from which he only narrowly escapes and is secretly working with Sosa and Gomez.

Tony eventually succeeds in eradicating all of his rivals in Miami and reestablishing his empire, after which he proceeds to the Caribbean to assist “The Sandman,” a manufacturer of cocaine, who later sells him his plantation. Tony also meets Venus, the ex-girlfriend of The Sandman, during this time and starts dating her. Tony, who is now the most powerful drug lord in Miami, attacks Sosa, Gomez, and Sheffield’s mansion and kills all three of them in order to get his revenge. He runs into one of Sosa’s remaining goons on the way out, which he spares and hires as his butler. The game concludes with Tony married to Venus and living the high life, feeling as though he has received his just desserts.

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Tony can be seen in the video game Scarface: Money, Power, and Respect from 2006.

As part of the Scarface Character Pack, which was released in 2016, Tony makes an appearance in the video game Payday 2 as the playable character “Scarface”. He was previously voiced by André Sogliuzzo in Scarface: The World Is Yours. The DLC also featured a heist that occurs at Tony’s Miami mansion.

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