Who is the Strongest Video Game Character? Top 10 Strongest Video Game Character


Everything is possible in the video game universe. You can be anyone you want to be, from a village goose to the gods that save the world. Consequently, we have a soft spot for personalities with immense authority. Is there someone stronger than the others?

This is what we will attempt to do with this list. We’ve examined the lists and arguments of others, but we’ve also incorporated our own unique take on the strongest video game character.

1. Alex Mercer

Alex Mercer may not be the strongest video game character on this list, but he is without a doubt the most ruthless. After becoming infected while working on a strain of the Blacklight virus, Mercer became an exceptionally resourceful and merciless one-man army.

This implies that Mercer can take on any type of foe, and he can do so very effectively. As a combatant, Mercer possesses a vast array of skills that make him adept in both close-quarters and long-range combat. His shapeshifting talents allow him to utilise any part of his body as a weapon. Numerous superhuman characteristics, including as speed and stamina, make him nearly impossible to beat with normal methods.

2. The Doom Marine

A playable character in the Doom universe is known as “Doomguy” even though he has never been given an official name. Doomguy is tasked with battling the forces of hell on Mars by himself. Most people’s trucks don’t have enough space for all of the tools he needs to do the work, but this individual’s truck has ample place for everything he requires.

The demons have no chance against Doomguy, who can dispatch even the most formidable opponents with his bare hands.

3. Kratos ‘god of War’

Since Kratos is a true god of war, he has murdered so many gods that he nearly annihilated the entire pantheon. He annihilated not only the Greek pantheon of deities, but also the majority of the Norse pantheon.

He carries an assortment of lethal weapons, including the Chaos Blades. His incredible speed and strength allow him to overcome any obstacle, even fabled creatures, titans, and even other gods. Kratos’s games can be completed with a single button push due to the character’s enormous strength.

4. Goku

Son Goku (Kakarrot), the protagonist of Dragon Ball, was conceived by Akira Toriyama in 1984 and serves as the series’ protagonist. In addition to flying and teleporting at supersonic speeds, he possesses a vast array of other abilities as a result of his enhanced reflexes and Super Saiyan transformation, which increases his strength, speed, and durability.

His Saiyan name is Kakarrot, and he is the son of Badrock and Gina. His actual name should have been Kakarrot. Raditz was the brother of Raditz. When Goku came on Earth, his grandfather, Gohan, took care of him. Due to the fact that it was a full moon when Goku killed his grandfather Gohan and then transformed into a gigantic ape, he didn’t realise what he’d done until much later.

5. Kirby From ‘kirby’

Kirby is not quite the cuddly creature you might imagine based on his appearance. Kirby is the most powerful character in each of the several Kirby video games. As long as Kirby is healthy, he possesses a limitless amount of strength.

Kirby can absorb the abilities of any adversary in his path and incorporate them into his own. He is able to take use of his opponent’s strengths more efficiently. Kirby is also capable of stopping time and surviving in settings with zero gravity. No one is capable of stopping him.

Anyone who opposes him views him as an unstoppable monster who devours entire human races. He can appear to be a fluffy pink cutie.

6. Asura – Asura’s Wrath

The protagonist of Asura’s Wrath is one of the most powerful characters in video games. Deity-killer: He is a demigod and demi-god who seeks vengeance against the gods of cities and planets.

Asura’s strength is generated from his wrath, which is based on the Dragon Ball series, for those who are familiar with it. Even an angry warrior like Kratos would be overwhelmed by the Asura’s wrath.

7. Bayonetta – the Bayonetta Series

There are numerous abilities in Bayonetta’s armoury. Because she is immortal, travelling through space and returning to Earth are effortless for her. She demonstrates her superhuman power by tossing skyscrapers and tanks about as if they were frisbees.

Bayonetta can also call demons, assume other forms, and manipulate time, to name a few of her many talents. After her struggle with Jubileus, she has proven her ability to defeat a deity. Furthermore, Bayonetta’s abilities have no time restriction, making her more powerful than Dante from the Devil May Cry series.

8. Samus Aran – Metroid Series

Samus Aran is clearly identifiable, even without her Power Suit. Despite her athleticism and physical prowess, Samus’s position on this ranking is primarily dependent on her Power Suit.

Samus’s suit serves as her primary line of defence and protection, letting her to transform, apply upgrades, and navigate a range of potentially lethal scenarios. It is her primary weapon of choice, both offensively and defensively.

9. Dante – the Devil May Cry Series

Dante is a supernatural entity capable of freezing time, enduring numerous cuts and stabs, and withstanding a punch from a demon 100 times his size. Without inflicting physical harm, he has been known to extract the souls of his opponents (which allows him to kill things that cannot die). Like the Master Chief, he can master a weapon in a matter of seconds.

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10. Starkiller – Star Wars: the Force Unleashed

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, an action-adventure video game starring a new protagonist known as Starkiller or by his birth name, Galen Marek, was released for all major platforms in 2008. Darth Vader raised him as a covert apprentice to implement his plan to overthrow the Emperor.

In the first game, he overcame four Jedi hidden in the shadows, Darth Vader, and even the Emperor. Because he had learned all seven types of lightsaber battle, he was able to exploit his opponents’ vulnerabilities. His godlike Force talents were revealed by his ability to lift a Star Destroyer into the air. Since Disney acquired the series, the Starkiller character has been erased from canon.

Which video game has the most formidable protagonist? In the article, we offered a list of the video games that have the most powerful characters. These characters performed varied roles in each game, but they all possess incredible strength. Who, in your opinion, is the most powerful video game character?

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