Who is the Strongest Transformer? 10 Best Strongest Transformers 2022


Most Powerful Transformers: Here is a list of the names of the strongest Autobots, as well as comprehensive information on their powers.

The Top 10 Strongest Transformers of 2022 Beyond what meets the eye! Although it may seem absurd, the Mills ballot has existed for nearly three decades. It’s hard to think that a show that began as a vehicle to sell reused Japanese toys has lasted this long, but let’s raise a glass to memories.

During this time period, the Most Powerful Transformers (and their unique personas) have appeared in a variety of performances. The cartoons, the more contemporary Mills films, the comics, the action numbers – there is a vast quantity of Mills media available, and keeping up of everything can be quite a challenge. This is where we arrive.

All facts pertaining to the most powerful transformers will be discussed in this post. Maintain contact with us and obtain the most recent updates and information.

10 Best Strongest Transformers 2022

Throughout the Transformers films, colourful world-conquering antagonists have been presented to suckers. The majority of these villains are Decepticons, and they constitute a threat to any opposing force they encounter. regarding the Top Ten Most Powerful Transformers 2022.

#1. Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime Most Powerful Transformers does not surpass Megatron and Grimlock based just on combat prowess; he has repeatedly proven himself to be an incredibly capable warrior, and his position as the leader of the Autobots is not a fluke.

However, Optimus Prime’s ultimate power derives from those intangible qualities that also make him an effective leader. He is courageous, smart, and strategic, and he never underestimates his opponents.

These characteristics enable Optimus Prime to withstand far more formidable forces. His determination and compassion allow him to battle much longer than he should be able to, and as a result, he routinely demoralises his opponents.


As one of Optimus Prime’s longest subordinates, Bumblebee’s Most Powerful Transformers can be described as religious. Before the Decepticon war tore Cybertron apart, Bumblebee worked as a courier.

Until he was lured into the fight in its first phases by a Decepticon broadcast that deceived him into delivering a cargo to a plant that turned out to be a lemon, he was largely oblivious to the struggle. Bumblebee, enraged that the Decepticons coerced him into doing business despite their claims to be for the people, joined Optimus Prime’s organisation.


Windblade is one of the newest creations and additions to the Mills macrocosm, and placing her there is also a bit of a stretch, considering she is not strictly an Autobot.

Unlike the vast majority of other Autobots on this list, Windblade was born on the planet Caminus, one of the several worlds established by Cybertron prior to their parallel civil war while they were on an expansionist mission.

On Caminus, Mills mainly experienced peace and were not concerned by war problems… until they returned to Cybertron. When the Camiens were summoned back to Cybertron to reconnect with their homeworld, Windblade was among the Camien delegates brought to Cybertron.

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Blurr, the quickest Autobot to ever join the forces of good, was typically a racer before the Cybertronian Civil War came out. Blurr finally placed his whole tonal value into being a racer as a result of his extraordinary abilities on the racetrack, which made him very popular off the track. When the war broke out and Blurr witnessed the destruction of the racetrack where he worked by a bombing, it was evident that the consequences were sporadic at best.

In the commodity of a year, Blurr was courted by both the Autobots and the Decepticons, and he nearly went the other way (and ended up on another list) until a firefight cost him two of his musketeers their lives.

#5. Devastate

Swoop, also known as Devastate Most Powerful Transformers, is one of the more recent additions to the Mills movie ballot. Devastate, appearing in the Age of Extinction, becomes one of the Dinobots serving under the command of Optimus Prime.

This allowed him to create swift musketeers, especially with Bumblebee.

As a robot, Devastate assumes the appearance of an Arthurian knight armed with a brand and a crossbow.

Nevertheless, his dinosaur mode transforms him into a robotic, two-headed pterodactyl. This shape may be a reference to his initial Generation 1 appearance as a two-nosed spurt.

#6. Despisement

Despisement or Shaft is one of the Dinobots in the Mills ballot that approached an Autobot, despite his intimidating name. Scorn is larger than other Dinobots, yet he has a tactical mind and a high IQ. With these ratings and his military training, Scorn acts as the platoon’s devastations expert.

As a robot, Scorn has a knightly appearance and a scourge-like weapon attached to his arm. Despisement assumes the appearance of a robotic Spinosaurus with several cruises when he transforms into a dinosaur. This form enables him to cause destruction by sheer size.

who is the strongest transformer

#7. Dragonstorm

Due to the problems caused by Cybertronian founder Quintessa, the 12 Knights of Iacon can not only battle her laboriously, but also assemble the formidable Dragonstorm. This three-headed Dragonstorm is a colossal, dragon-like robot capable of flight and releasing energy in the form of breath attacks. Optimus Prime managed to ride Dragonstorm during his assault on the Decepticons, as depicted in the images.

Nonetheless, Dragonstorm’s vivid shapes are one of its most exciting features. Aside from its base form, which is derived from the 12 Knights, Dragonstorm can be formed by the mere presence of Knight Dragonicus and Knight Stormreign. In further instances, Dragonstorm emerges as its actuality. Undetermined is whether or not these cases are canon or narrative gaps.

#8. Slug

Slug is an additional Dinobot who assists Optimus Prime. In his robot form, Slug has a tubular look and each hand holds a shaft. His artificial representation of an Apatosaurus serves as his dinosaur form.

Nonetheless, what is maybe amazing about Slug is his potential ability to alleviate Sludge. Sludge, unlike Slug, is the most dimwitted member of his line of Dinobots. In addition, Sludge has a dinosaur shape based on the ” brontosaurus,” which should not exist owing to a cadaverous mistake.

#9. Grimlock

Grimlock, the leader of the Dinobots, possesses the strength and power of an ancient legionnaire. Grimlock is an exceptionally skilled combatant, especially with his club and shaft-ball weapons.

Grimlock has, among the Dinobots, maybe the most stylish robot appearance. In addition, his robotic Tyrannosaurus rex dinosaur shape reflects his aggressive temperament.

Grimlock acts as the leader of the Dinobots’ striking force in the original ballot. As with his other Dinobot counterparts, Grimlock is significantly less intelligent than his movie version. However, this does not mean that Grimlock should be treated lightly. His combat prowess and consistency make him one of the many acceptable candidates to fight Optimus Prime and Megatron if required.

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#10. Jazz

He was the First Lieutenant of the Autobots and a truly competent and tenacious warrior. His status as Optimus Prime’s second-in-command speaks much about his strength.

He is genuinely capable and genuinely courageous in the face of danger. He battled valiantly to defend Sam and other people, as well as to protect the cell. Indeed, he fought Megatron until the very end of his life.

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