Who is the Strongest Marvel Character? 10 Most Powerful Marvel Cinematic Universe Characters


As the Marvel Cinematic Universe has continued to grow, so have the abilities of its inhabitants. What began with Tony Stark wearing a robotic super suit has gradually but obviously evolved into a universe populated by beings that are essentially and sometimes practically gods. Nevertheless, there are several characters in the MCU canon that stand out as the best of the best.

These are the superpowered beings with whom you would never want to engage in combat. There are some heroes on this list, as well as a few villains and a handful of entities that don’t fit cleanly into either category. Regardless of their motivations, it cannot be denied that they are incredibly powerful.

10. Hela

In Thor: Ragnarok, a close-up shows Hela displaying a serious expression. Thor is marginally more strong than his sister at his peak. Hela’s tenure as the antagonist in Thor: Ragnarok begins with a bang as she destroys Mjolnir and then proceeds to seize complete control of Asgard. Thor is able to stop her, but only after destroying Asgard and discovering untapped strength inside himself.

Consider how dissatisfied she is with the significant relics that reside in Asgard if you wish to gauge Hela’s strength. What is the Tesseract? A child’s plaything. The Infinity Strap? She detects a forgery in Odin’s trophy hall. Hela is so powerful that she can take on both Thor and the Hulk without batting an eye. That is true power.

9. Doctor Strange

In Multiverse of Madness, Benedict Cumberbatch portrays Doctor Strange. Doctor Strange is merely a magician, but he is an exceptionally talented one. Even after losing the time stone and the position of Sorcerer Supreme, he demonstrated that he has the necessary magic to assist America in escaping Wanda.

Even though he was unable to defeat Thanos, he was one of the few heroes who stood a chance in a one-on-one encounter. Without Strange’s intelligence and foresight, the Avengers would not have been able to defeat the Mad Titan and save everyone from the Snap.

8. Thor

Thor appears to be an enjoyable companion, which can mask the reality that he was by far the most powerful of the original core Avengers. In addition to the fact that his hammer enables him to fly, he possesses the power of lightning.

As the MCU has evolved, he has slid in the ranks, but only because we continue to discover more potent heroes and villains. Thor’s continued prominence at the top of the power rankings necessitates that his adversaries be similarly formidable.

7. Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel is so powerful that she can alter the course of any combat she participates in. When she appears at the conclusion of Endgame, her appearance alone turns the tide.

It is evident that his strength does not have the same impact on her as it does on the majority of the Avengers, yet she may not be able to engage Thanos for an extended period. She remains to be seen how she will be utilised in the MCU going forward, but she is certainly one of the most potent heroes in their arsenal.

6. Scarlet Witch

Few characters appear capable of dealing significant damage to Thanos on their own, and the Scarlet Witch is one of them. In Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, things become even crazier as she truly falls into her grief and begins killing Illuminati members across the multiverse.

Wanda at the height of her power is a formidable opponent, and although her future in the MCU is uncertain, she will be an asset to whichever team she ends up on. After sitting through the majority of the Battle of Wakanda, Okoye reportedly asked, “Why was she up there for so long?”

5. Thanos

Thanos was teased for over half a decade before he eventually took the stage, yet his arrival was anything but underwhelming. Even though he already possessed a few Infinity stones, it was evident that he was tremendously powerful, stones or no stones.

When Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man took him on together, they were on the verge of defeat before the entire MCU rescued them. Thanos delivers the most devastating blow we’ve ever seen our hero receive, and his might only increases once he obtains the stones.

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4. He Who Remains

We haven’t seen much of He Who Remains, a.k.a. Kang, but based on what we have seen, it’s evident that he’s a formidable foe that the Avengers have never faced before. Kang may not have a particularly powerful punch, but he is the type of smart adversary who can control time and space to maintain his absolute authority.

In fact, he was the one who kept the timelines in order, foreseeing everything from Loki’s invasion to Thanos’ death, and he only dies because he permits Sophie to kill him.

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3. Dormammu

Doctor Strange can only stop Dormammu’s coming with the aid of time travel, which he would not be able to do without the Time Stone. As an extradimensional creature who governs over the Dark Dimension, Dormammu is undeniably one of the most potent beings to ever visit the MCU. It is only natural that he will eventually conflict with the heroes, given that he is constantly attempting to expand his sphere of influence.

2. Eternity

Due to his stature as a god, Thor is typically pitted against the most existential opponents in his films. In Thor: Love and Thunder, he catches a glimpse of Eternity, a force so potent that it can grant any wish, regardless of its nature.

Thankfully, Eternity is so all-powerful that it doesn’t appear to have much time to be concerned with the concerns of the infrequent mortals who request their greatest wants.

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1. Arishem

Arishem the Judge, a Celestial, is a being of such great power that humanity can only vaguely comprehend what he is capable of. Arishem is so extremely powerful that he created the Eternals, a race of beings who are equally extraordinarily powerful. Arishem is arguably the most powerful entity we’ve encountered in the MCU, at least to this point. His motives may not always line with what’s best for Earth, but he’s certainly the most powerful being we’ve encountered to yet.

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