Who is the Strongest God of Destruction? Some Top Strongest Characters!


Dragon Ball is among the most popular anime series ever. It continues to capture the hearts of numerous anime enthusiasts across the globe.

Numerous fans fell in love with Son Goku’s courage and bravery, as well as his quest to obtain the seven Dragon Balls. This article discusses who, in our opinion, is the most powerful god of destruction in the anime series.

It is undeniable that these Destruction Gods desire their cosmos to flourish and grow, despite the fact that their names often give them a negative reputation.

Is Beerus the Strongest God of Destruction?

Certainly, the Supreme Kais or the Gods of Creation are responsible for bringing life and beauty to the universes. However, the destroyers are tasked for eliminating planets that threaten their home and repelling evil. Without these gods, the cosmos will collapse and perish.

In the Dragon Ball franchise, there are various Gods of Destruction, with fans often having favourites.


Beerus is commonly regarded as the most powerful God of Destruction, with other gods trailing closely behind. But you question, why is he the strongest?

In the 28th chapter of Dragon Ball Super, the winner was already announced. A warning about spoilers: the gods gathered and were forced to compete in an exhibition match, which Beerus finally wins despite being caught by Mosco.

Superior Training Under Whis:

Beerus was trained in the martial arts by his master, Whis, who specialised in the field. Whis was trained by his sister Vados, therefore the training was also handed on to the keeper of Universe 7.

Finger Swat:

This particular god’s capacity to swat opponents with the flick of a finger is one of his most intriguing characteristics. This was seen when, in Super Saiyan 3, he easily deflected Goku’s Kamehameha, hurling him across the planet. Similarly, it appeared that Beerus is capable of destroying worlds with his fingers.

Once, when he let his energy get the best of him, his power fell from his finger to the surface, destroying an entire planet. Sources indicate that if this monster is provoked and his patience is exhausted, he is capable of destroying worlds, planets, even the entire cosmos.

The Only Deity to Achieve Ultra Instinct: With the exception of his mentor and other superior creatures, he is the only god to have achieved Ultra Instinct Level. Whis has imparted this skill to Beerus, which allows him to dissipate risks and threats of danger without fully perceiving them.
Despite the fact that many consider Beerus to be the strongest for these reasons, there are other gods who are similarly formidable.

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Other Dragon Ball Strongest Gods of Destruction Belmod

Belmod is the God of Destruction from Universe 11, the most powerful universe in Dragon Ball Super. While literally resembling a clown or joker in appearance.

Belmod is distinguished from other deities by his sense of tranquilly and harmony. He has no interest in abusing authority or following the laws of evil, which makes him even more charming to anime manga fans and viewers.

Whis stated in the show that Belmod may have been stronger than Beerus. Even the manga corroborated this notion, demonstrating that Belmod’s Energy Cards and Imprisonment Balls could harm and wreak havoc on other gods. He also possesses psychic abilities, which he used to instruct Jiren in the Tournament of Power’s first battle.


One might assume that Beerus’ twin brother and the deity of Universe 6 share the same abilities, personalities, and even talents. Champa was trained by Vados, and his indifference demonstrates his capacity to kill and destroy. He demonstrated this when he attempted to destroy Frost.

Champa’s corpulence may prevent people from seeing his value. Champa never fails to step up and earn the respect of his peers, though, when the situation calls for it. His primary abilities and techniques include of the Sledgehammer, Maximum Charge, Explosive Wave, and Full Power Energy Wave.


The God of Destruction of Universe 4, this seemingly insignificant creature possesses immense potential. Though he has a propensity for lethargy and shirking his responsibilities, he frequently assigns them to his devoted followers. Even more so, Quitela favours playing video games and eating junk food.

The fact that he vanquished the Universe 7’s God of Destruction in a wrestling bout makes him Beerus’s closest rival. Quitela has also defeated Iwne in the past. As seen in Dragon Ball Heroes, his special attack consists of teleporting opponents and shocking them with an electric blast.

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Wrapping Up

The Dragon Ball saga had various characters who repeatedly demonstrated their strength and power. With so many characters throughout history possessing potent qualities, it is often difficult to determine who is the strongest of them.

Do you believe Beerus deserves to be called the most powerful God of Destruction?

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