Who Is the Strongest Eternal: Was Odin a Threat to Thanos?


Eternals, the 26th movie in the Marvel Comics Universe, debuted in theatres in 2021. A group of superheroes who had been hiding on Earth for a very long time were shown in the movie. As you may know, one of the celestials named Arishem established the Eternals in order to defend Earth against the destructive Deviants.

Each of these ten superheroes has a special superpower. Who is the strongest Eternal of them all, though, may be a question some fans have. The Eternals are ranked in this article from weakest to greatest according to their skills.

Who Is the Strongest Eternal

Who is the most powerful Eternal in Eternal movie?

Gilgamesh, the strongest Eternal, is a foundation of strength for the group and offers more than simply assistance in battle. He can concentrate his efforts on delivering more forceful blows that cause more harm or on deflecting Thena’s fiercest blows during one of her episodes.

Who among Eternals is the best?

Ikaris is one of the most strong Eternals since he can fight against numerous Eternals without suffering any injuries. His flying is wonderful because of how smooth and faultless it is and the Cosmic energy shining inside his face when he fires his lasers.

Who are more formidable than the Eternals?

Ikaris is stronger than other Eternals because Gilgamesh defeated him in raw strength. Due to his incredible speed, he is able to avoid several of the speedster’s attacks. Ikaris is able to fly and fire lasers out of his eyes.

Is Athena the Eternal with the most power?

Ikaris and Gilgamesh have passed away, making Thena the strongest Eternal still living.

Ikaris versus Thor: Who would win?

He is too strong for Ikarus to defeat because he has the ability to transform into a stronger version of himself. Ikaris, regarded as one of the most potent Eternals, does not prevail in this contest.

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Was Odin a Threat to Thanos?

The theory was that he didn’t make his move until all of them were dead. This would make sense given that each of these individuals was strong and capable of being called upon at any time for support.

Who is the strongest Eternal?

3.There is someone by the name of Gilgamesh. The strongest Eternal is Don Lee’s Gilgamesh in terms of power.

Who Is the Strongest Eternal

Who are the Topmost powerful Eternals?

  • Sprite

Since Sprite may only alter her appearance or conjure illusions to fool the opponent, she is thought to be the least powerful of all the Eternals. And that’s the only way she and the rest of her crew can combat the deviants. She is aware of when and how to use her abilities to defeat the adversary.

Her strength was repeatedly demonstrated in the movie, including when a freak attacked her, Sersi, and Dane Whitman. She then created illusions to perplex the Deviant. Sprite knew she was the weakest Eternal even after that, so it’s understandable why she decided to change into a human.

  •  Druig

One of the group’s irritable members, Druig is difficult to persuade once he has made up his mind. Of course, in terms of fighting prowess, he falls short of Ikaris, Thena, and Gilgamesh.

However, whether it be an individual or a community, he has authority over their thoughts. He is extremely hazardous because of this talent, but superheroes like Ikaris can manage it.

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  •  Phastos

The squad is better off with Phastos on it. He is the technical mind behind creations and plans that will benefit humanity. In addition to these, he has the superpower of shooting beams out of his hands and eyes.

But most of his abilities are geared at supporting his people rather than giving him superhuman strength.

  • Makkari

Outstanding speed is Makkari’s most notable talent. She is not, however, capable of engaging in combat. She is the team’s backup for rescuing individuals from Deviant attacks and clearing the area so that her teammates can battle more effectively. She is also capable of hit-and-run assaults.

  •  Sersi

One of those heroines who is unaware of her own ability is Sersi. Sersi lacks the fighting prowess of Kingo and Ikaris, but she possesses something even more potent. She has an interesting ability to control everything around her.

For instance, when fighting Deviant, Sersi transformed a bus into rose petals and even conjured up a tree out of thin air. However, Sersi’s inability to effectively use her abilities is the only drawback.

Who Is the Strongest Eternal

  •  Gilgamesh

Due to his inherent strength, Gilgamesh is the second strongest of all. He had been strong enough for years to deal with Thena’s dark and violent side. Additionally, he defeated the adversary when it attacked him—a Deviant—without the aid of any other Eternals. He cannot fly or fire lasers out of his eyes, which places him in position two rather than first.

  •  Ikaris

Finally, everyone in the group recognises that Ikaris possesses superior strength among the Eternals. He is the only Eternal with the ability to fly, which says a lot.

In addition, he is stronger physically than the entire bunch put together. So it makes sense that Kingo decided against joining the other Eternals in their battle with Ikaris. Kingo understood that they had little hope of defeating Ikaris, even if they joined forces.

In actuality, the latter was the one who ultimately lacked the willpower to murder Sersi. If he had made the other decision, he might have prevailed instead.

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