Who Is the Strongest Character in One Piece: Some Top Strongest Characters!


One Piece will be among your favourite anime series if you enjoy seeing pirates. In the series, there are many powerful pirates and marines who exhibit their amazing skills and abilities. Only a select few of them have incredible strength, despite the fact that all of them display amazing ability. Who in One Piece has the most strength?

You may wonder which One Piece character is the strongest when watching the anime because each season features standout heroes (and villains). They might possess superhuman traits or spiritual talents that set them apart from the others. Knowing who the most powerful One Piece characters are might be challenging because each character is distinctive and strong in their own way.

Who Is the Strongest Character in One Piece

Silvers Rayleigh, the erstwhile right hand of the Pirate King Gol D. Roger, is well-known in his own right. Rayleigh, also known as the Dark King, didn’t have a devil fruit, yet despite not being at the top of his game, he was able to keep up with Admiral Kizaru. His Advanced Armament Haki makes up for his lack of a devil fruit more than adequately.

Given that he defeated legendary figures like Whitebeard, Garp, Shiki, Kong, and Sengoku during Roger’s rule, Rayleigh is clearly not a grandfather to be taken lightly. He handled Marco with a single finger when he was at his best.

If you’re unfamiliar, Marco is one of One Piece’s most powerful mythical zoan devil fruit users and the previous captain of the first division of the Whitebeard Pirates. Rayleigh earns the tenth rank on our list thanks to his exploits throughout the Sabaody arc and several tales regarding the Dark King’s power.

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  • Former Admiral “Aokiji” Kuzan

The funniest of them all is arguably Kuzan’s introduction to the One Piece universe. How often do you witness a character riding his bike across frozen oceans while simply wandering across the world?
It goes without saying that a character belongs in the top tier when they have the ability to literally alter the geography of a whole island while engaged in combat. The ten-day battle between Aokiji and Akainu on Punk Hazard is one of his most impressive achievements. The battle was one of the longest in the series, even if he may have lost.

Aokiji has terrible control of ice that can instantly freeze the ocean thanks to his devil fruit, the Hie Hie no Mi. At one time, Aokiji even blithely frozen Doflamingo, who later opted not to.

Aokiji is undoubtedly one of the strongest, having been proposed as a Fleet Admiral after serving as an Admiral previously. He did, however, lose his limb, and he now makes a potentially dangerous prosthesis using his devil fruit.

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  • Marine Admiral Issho “Fujitora”

Since we haven’t seen much of Fujitora, the only reason he isn’t placed higher is that. However, what we have seen is quite astounding.

The Zushi no Mi, an Issho devil fruit, is so superior to other devil fruits that they seem like toys in comparison. Fujitora has performed some of the most absurd feats using the ability to control gravity. He summoned a meteor from space during his battle with Law, sent Zoro underground with just a single clash of their swords, lifted all the debris in Dressrosa without breaking a sweat, and faced Jack, the top commander of Kaido.

Not to mention, Fujitora wasn’t even serious about the battle with Sabo. It is understandable that Doflamingo referred to Fujitora and Green Bull as real animals when they had a demon fruit so destructive that it may end the world.

Who Is the Strongest Character in One Piece

  • Marine Admiral Borsalino “Kizaru”

The fastest man in One Piece is eighth overall! After Aokiji left and Akainu was elevated to Fleet Admiral, Borsalino, also known as Kizaru, was the last remaining Admiral from the original trio.

Kizaru becomes inhumanly quick thanks to the Pika Pika no Mi, which also grants him the capacity to control light and even transform his body into light. Whitebeard, who wasn’t even able to hit him, and Rayleigh, who was only able to stop him by utilising Haki, are only a couple of the opponents Kizaru has faced.

He was supported on Whitebeard’s Murakumogiri by only one foot, which would have required tremendous physical power. In addition, he defeated every Supernova on Sabaody with ease. Although he has a laid-back demeanour, Kizaru is undoubtedly one of the most dangerous marines.

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  • “Hawk Eyes” Dracule Mihawk

The distinction of being the strongest swordsman in the world is not one to be taken lightly. Along with having exceptional swordsmanship, Mihawk is also one of the most skilled users of the Observation and Armament Haki. Mihawk easily surpasses S-class swordsmen in the One Piece universe like Rayleigh, Shiryu, and the swordsmen from Wano.

Before Shanks lost his arm, Mihawk and Shanks, who had once been rivals, frequently engaged in even-handed combat. This accomplishment alone is sufficient to guarantee Mihawk’s place among the elite.

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