Who is the Series Candy Based on Candy Montgomery?


After premiering on Hulu in the US, the new drama series Candy is now available to stream in its entirety in the UK on Disney Plus. Elisabeth Moss, who was in The Handmaid’s Tale, was supposed to be the main star of the show.

However, she had to drop out because of scheduling problems, and The Sinner star Jessica Biel took her place. The drama tells the shocking story of a housewife in the 1980s who did everything by the book until one day when everything changed.

But is the Disney Plus show Candy based on a real story? Read on for all the information you need.

Is Candy Based on a True Story?

It is, yes. Candy is based on the true story of a housewife in Texas named Candy Montgomery, who in 1980 was accused of killing her neighbor Betty Gore.

Jessica Biel plays Montgomery on the show, and Melanie Lynskey plays Gore. Meanwhile, Justin Timberlake, who is Biel’s real-life husband, plays Deputy Steve Deffibaugh in the show.

What is the True Story Behind Candy?

Like in the show, Candy Montgomery was a housewife in Texas in the 1970s who met Betty Gore at a church service. The two women and their families became close, and their daughters often spent the night together. Then, Allen, Betty’s husband, is said to have caught Candy having an affair with him.

This is said to have gone on for a few months, until Betty had a baby in 1979. After that, Allen ended the affair. It was said that he and Betty had gone to a church program to strengthen their marriage and try to fix their relationship.

who is the series candy based on

After this, on June 13, 1980, after Betty’s daughter had spent the night at her house, Candy reportedly offered to take her to a swimming lesson. Candy went to Betty’s house to get Alisa’s swimsuit, but Betty is said to have confronted her about her relationship with Allen at this time.

After this, we don’t really know what happened. We only know that Betty was later found dead after being hit 41 times with an axe.

When her body was found, Candy was the most likely suspect because she was the last person who had seen Betty alive. After Allen told the police that they had been having an affair, she was arrested and charged with killing Betty.

During the trial, Candy was defended by a lawyer from her church named Don Crowder. He hired a psychiatrist and clinical hypnotist named Dr. Fred Fason to help Candy remember what happened that night.

Fason said that during his sessions with Candy, he found out that she had been hurt as a child, which is why she is so angry as an adult. It was said that Betty and Candy had gotten into a fight, and that Betty had told Candy to “shush” during the fight.

It was said that this brought back a scary memory of her mother telling her to be quiet when she was a child.

People said that Betty picked up an axe to attack Candy and that Candy tried to defend herself by grabbing the axe and then hitting Betty. Candy was found not guilty of killing Betty by a jury, and she was set free.

Candy hasn’t been seen in public since she was found not guilty, so no one knows what happened to her or where she lives now.

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Was Candy Convicted?

No, Candy Montgomery did not kill Betty Gore. On October 30, 1980, a judge ruled that she did not. She said she killed Betty out of self-defense and was found not guilty.

When Candy was first caught, she had a cut on her toe and several bruises all over her body. This was noticed while she was changing into her prison clothes. Her lawyers didn’t say she didn’t kill Betty; instead, they said she did it in self-defense.

who is the series candy based on

Dr. Fred Fason, a psychiatrist who used hypnosis, was called in by her lawyer to give his opinion on the case. Fason said that Candy’s hypnosis sessions brought up painful memories from her childhood and clear memories of the day that Betty died.

It was said that when Candy and Betty got into an argument, Betty told Candy to “shhhh.” This made Candy very angry. This supposedly brought back a painful memory of Candy’s mother telling her to be quiet when she was young.

This happened because Candy was told to be quiet by Betty. Candy was already upset about being told to be quiet when she went to pick up Alisa’s swimsuit from Betty. Then, when Betty found out about the affair between Allan and Candy, she confronted Candy about it.

During the argument, Candy said that Betty hit her toe with an axe, which she said was an attack. After that, there was a fight. Candy got the axe and used it to end the fight. She pushed Betty away from her, and then she hit the back of Betty’s head with the blade.

Candy said that Betty hit her and hurt her toe with an axe and gave her bruises, which helped her case for self-defense. It took 3 hours for the jury to decide that she wasn’t guilty of murder.

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