Who is Scar Girl on TikTok? Real or Fake? Explore!


Who do you think of when you hear the word “scar”? You probably thought of Harry Potter if you are a millennial. If you are from Generation Z, Scar Girl is probably what you thought of.

Scar Girl is a TikTok creator (@wtmab) named Annie. This might help you keep up with the kids if you’re a little behind. She is a beautiful girl, but she has a big scar on her face. Or is she lying? Because a lot of people on TikTok seem to think the scar isn’t real.

Who is Scar Girl on TikTok?

Scar Girl, who goes by the name Annie, is a TikTok user who usually posts lip sync videos. People know that Annie has a scar on her face, but they seem to think that it isn’t real.

Who is Scar Girl

Many of the people who leave comments make jokes about how serious Annie is about the “bit” and tell her to go get her money. A lot of people also say that the scar moves around and changes size, which makes people doubt that it is real.

Is Scar Girl’s Scar Real or Fake?

One TikTok detective found old video of Annie’s scar when it first happened and compared it to what it looks like now. They are very different. But things do sometimes scab over very dark brown, so this didn’t worry us too much. But the angle of the scar seems most mysterious.

Annie herself went on TikTok to talk about what happened. In the video above, she explains that she has two scars, which is why they are different sizes. The first is from when the injury happened in the first place (we were not able to find an explainer video for this).

The second is said to have happened when she used a face cream that burned her face and left an even bigger scar. Annie also said that it has always taken her body a long time to heal, which is why the scar is still so visible.

In the video, Annie tries to get the scar off with makeup wipes, but nothing comes off her skin.

Who is Scar Girl

But even that video didn’t seem to work, since there were a lot of comments like “Why are you trying to trick me?”

Annie posted another video of herself trying and failing to get rid of her scar. A short version of what her caption says is:

“When I first got hurt in March 2020 and realized that this mark would stay on my face forever, I was embarrassed… One day, I realized that hiding my scar and openly hating it was hurting those close to me and making me feel worse about myself.

I made my account to show people that they are more than their scars. Not to have a comment section that tells people with scars that they should hate themselves because of them. I’ll never stop using my platform to talk about domestic violence and promote body positivity. I hope this video will help you get over it or at least understand it.”

Annie, we agree that the internet needs to move on. What if the scar is fake and all of this was just a way to get attention? So, it must have worked. Annie can talk to her therapist about why she lied, not with the mean people in her comments.

And if the scar is real, which is an unpopular opinion, but we think it is, then all of these people are just making it harder on a poor girl who already has to deal with society’s impossible standards for women.

No matter what, let’s send her healing thoughts (both for her insides and outsides) and move on. Now it’s time to get off our high horse.

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