Who is Robert Parker’s Wife? How Robert Parker Died in an ATV Accident Latest News!


People are interested in Robert Parker Wife. Robert Parker started mud racing in the early 2000s and quickly became known as one of the best and most fearless racers in the business.

People are interested in Robert Parker’s wife Casey and other personal details after his accident. His love of competition and natural skill on the track helped him win many races and get awards, which made him a legend in the world of mud racing.

Robert was thought to be the most interesting competitor up to that point. He can do anything with earth drag tracks, short courses, bounty holes, etc.

Even though Prolly is one of our most technical racers, he has the most fun and is the most excited about the game.

He races for Team Momentum Racing on a bike called “Beetle Juice.” For most of the season, he has been in second place in the points standings. Team Momentum Racing built the Can-Am ATVs that Robert Parker used to win two class championships.

The driver of the Outlander ATV won four races in a row, came in second twice, and got 820 points to win the Super Modified (Open) class.

Who is Robert Parker’s Wife Casey Parker?

Casey Parker, who was married to Robert Parker, said something sad about his death. Robert Parker was only 38 years old when he died.

His wife, Casey, said in a statement that she was saddened by her husband’s death. She spoke out: “Today, my best friend and the best father to my children died. As we try to say goodbye, please pray for me, our children, our relatives, and our friends.

Robert Parker’s three kids, Carleigh, Nathan, and Sawyer, are left behind. They are ages 18, 13, and 10.

Who is Robert Parker's Wife?

Parker also won the Pro B class with five wins on his TMR Outlander MAX. In the Super Modified division, Seth Russell of Renegade Racing and Casey McGinnis, who was riding a 2014 Outlander XMR 1000, came in second and third, respectively.

Parker’s talent, passion, and infectious spirit inspired a lot of people to get into mud racing and follow their dreams on the track.

Why Did Robert Parker Pass Away?

Robert Parker, a well-known mud racer who won both the ATV and SXS divisions, died suddenly on March 15, 2023.

Parker died too soon because he got sick out of the blue and wasn’t ready for it. Even though no one knows exactly what was wrong with him, it is thought that it was a short but serious illness that led to his death.


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Team 904 shared the following statement on their official Facebook page after confirming Robert’s death:

“You don’t want to get that call today. We lost a brother and a friend today because of what Team 904 did. We think of Robert Parker as family, so hearing that he is leaving makes us very sad. There aren’t enough words to say how much we’ll miss him. Please say prayers for the families of Fulcher and Parker. We would be very grateful!”


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How Robert Parker Died in an ATV accident

Reports say that Robert died on March 15 in Harnett County while riding a four-wheeler on Turlington Road. It is thought that an all-terrain vehicle rolled over him.

The Daily Record says that at 4:44 p.m., someone called 911 in Harnett County and asked for help. the EMS and fire departments to come to an ATV accident where they weren’t sure if the only person hurt was still alive.


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When the car flipped over on top of Robert, he was seriously hurt. Because of the force of the accident, he had to be taken by medical helicopter to a hospital in Dunn.

He died before he could get on the plane to the trauma centre, it seems.

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