Who is Rachel Zegler Dating? Her Pregnancy, Bio, Net Worth, and More!

Who is Rachel Zegler Dating? Rachel Zegler’s performance in the 2022 production of West Side Story is without question one of the most-discussed performances of the award season. Steven Spielberg cast the young soprano in the part of Maria in the film despite the fact that she had not even completed high school. Since then, Rachel’s performance in West Side Story has been considered for the Golden Globe Award in the category of Best Actress.

Despite her Hollywood career, there has been much curiosity in Rachel’s romantic life. Who is Rachel Zegler dating? Here is everything for which we have knowledge.

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Who is Rachel Zegler Dating?

Rachel, like many other public figures, has been careful and circumspect about her sexual life in order to maintain the privacy of her relationship. Despite this, it was evident that she developed a close friendship with Josh Andrés Rivera throughout filming. She encouraged supporters to use platonic language to characterise their relationship, frequently referring to him as her “best friend” and “bestie,” although numerous sources have now revealed that they are in a relationship. She asked admirers to describe their relationship with friendly terminology.


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When Rachel tweeted on February 17, 2021, that she loved Josh Andres Rivera, rumours about their relationship arose for the first time. A year later, the online gossip website Deux Moi published a blind story claiming the two were more than simply friends. Rachel did not respond directly to the post; rather, she tweeted the following on January 3, 2022: “Respect people’s privacy.”

Before Valentine’s Day 2022, Rachel and Josh did not openly declare their relationship as a couple. Rachel published a black-and-white photo of them to Instagram on February 14 with the caption “Valen-crimes.” She also tweeted the identical image. Her Instagram posts reveal that she and her partner are currently dining at Mr. White’s restaurant in London’s Leicester Square. In a brief video, Josh can be seen placing gnocchi in her mouth while laughing “Attempting to sample the sauce. Saucy, “whereas Rachel laughs to herself.


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The fact that she added “Happy Love Day from me and mine” to the video further demonstrates that the two are more than simply friends. Both of these actors debuted in the film adaptation of West Side Story, and Rachel has tweeted pretty frequently about Josh in the past. Rachel described in a recent post that has since been rediscovered on her Twitter account how she and Josh counted the remaining bullets in Maria’s gun at the end of West Side Story.

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A little while ago, Rachel also responded with a humorous reply to a quote-tweet and comment posted by another Twitter user in Josh’s honour “Oh, please. Take a look.” In addition, she wrote on March 1: “My dear Joshua is my dearest buddy and number one fan on set.” She went on to describe how supportive Josh was during the filming of the movie.

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West Side Tale is currently available on Disney Plus and HBO Max, but you can also see Rachel in the upcoming Snow White adaption and Josh in Cat Person, an adaptation of a viral New Yorker story starring Emilia Jones, Nicholas Braun, and others. Since its initial debut in 1957, West Side Story has been restored and re-released multiple times.


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