Who Is Moniece Slaughter Dating: Her Relationship Timeline Is Expounded Upon!

Moniece Slaughter Dating

Moniece Slaughter is a singer-songwriter from the United States. She gave birth to her daughter when she was 34 years old. She is best known for her appearance on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood as a cast member.

Moniece was one of the show’s most prominent characters for the first five seasons. She was promoted to a supporting role in the sixth and seventh seasons of Love & Hip Hop: New York.

There are no surprises in Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’s eighth season. She performed the original theme song for the 2010 season of America’s Next Top Model. In the third season, Moniece came out as bisexual. Another name for her is Kali.

Marla Thomas is her mother’s name. Dave Thomas, the Grammy-winning lead singer of Taking 6, is her stepfather. I was hesitant to tell anyone, but I’m now proud to declare that I’m bisexual. She feared being singled out for criticism because of her sexual orientation.

Being homosexual was an inappropriate lifestyle for her due to her religious upbringing. Despite what she had previously stated, this was not the case.

Who Is Moniece Slaughter Dating: Her Relationship Timeline Is Expounded Upon!

Moniece Slaughter’s Relationships With the Love and Hip Hop Cast

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Throughout the film, she was portrayed as a single mother struggling to provide for her child. She gave birth to Kamron David Frederic‘s child with Lil’ Fizz on January 8, 2010.

The first season reveals her and Lil’ Fizz’s co-parenting challenges. Moniece’s portrayal of an estranged mother attempts to escape and debunk the stigma of being a “dreary mother.”

She starts her own s*x toy company to help financially support her family. In the first season, Fizz and Amanda Secor’s two-year relationship is brought ahead. While they struggle, Moniece drags Amanda along by yanking her hair.

In the second episode of the series, Rich Dollaz from L&HH: New York becomes Moniece’s boyfriend for the rest of the season. Some of the topics she discusses in this season include her mental health issues and her fragile relationship with her mother.

During the second season reunion, a fight breaks out between Brandi and Princess, and Moniece gets involved. Their rivalry would dominate the third season. The third season reunion of the show reveals that Slaughter is also bisexual. Moreover, an s*x tape was made public during this time period.

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A.D., her Season 4 co-star, has also joined the cast. In the fifth season, Lil’ Fizz and Tiffany, A.D.’s best friend, began dating. This is Moniece’s final year as a main cast member on the show.

Moniece Slaughter’s Relationships With the Love and Hip Hop Cast

According to reports, the show’s producers forced her to make a public plea for her dismissal. Finally, the Princess and the Moniece were reunited. While Moniece’s relationship with her son’s father, Lil’ Fuzz, deteriorates, she is still portrayed as an estranged baby mother. Fighting also occurs as a result of Fizz’s falsehoods about him and Apryl becoming public. Unfortunately, this is her last appearance in the series.

Moniece will appear in two episodes of Love and Hip Hop: New York’s seventh season. Only her ex-boyfriend Rich could explain why she was in this location. Rich had tried to rekindle his feelings for Jade despite the fact that he was dating her.

She had a brief romance with rapper Scrap DeLeon during season 8. She is a regular cast member of the show for special editions such as The Wedding, Dirty Little Secrets, and so on. What is the relationship status of Monica Slaughter?

More on Moniece Slaughter’s Personal Life

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New information about her previous relationships has come to light. Her relationship with her girlfriend proved to be toxic as well.

Shaquille O’Neal, with whom she claimed to have an affair a year before, was also in her life at the time. Shaq’s actions, in her words, “encouraged self-harm.”

As far as we know, they were romantically involved from 2010 to 2011, before calling it quits when the rapper began seeing another woman. As a result, you’ll always be a bad slut, and other negative statements have been made about you. This is correct, according to her management.

More on Moniece Slaughter’s Personal Life

Eventually, in June of 2020, she met a man who met all of her requirements and began posting photos of him on Instagram. She posted an Instagram video of herself working out with a new boyfriend after initially denying dating Shemar Moore. We don’t know who he is because no one has seen him.

It’s unclear whether they’re dating or not. Despite this, she is not married, according to some accounts. Apryl’s relationship with Dr. Dre, unlike Moniece’s, has put her in grave danger since she made it public. She has received several death threats, as well as other serious harm.

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