Who is Mikhail Peterson Husband? Why Did Mikhail and Andrey Decide to Divorce?

Mikhaila Peterson is the daughter of the Canadian clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson. Jordan teaches at the University of Toronto as a professor. Mikhaila is well-known as a podcaster, YouTuber, and author. However, do you know Mikhaila Peterson’s husband? Is she single, married, or divorced? Everything you need to know can be found here.

As a result of her immense popularity, many admirers and followers are curious about her private life. There have been countless searches pertaining to Mikaila Peterson’s personal life.

Who is Mikhaila Peterson?

Mikhaila Peterson was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on January 4, 1992. Her father is a renowned Canadian clinical psychologist, while her mother is a former massage therapist and foster mom.

Mikhaila was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis at the age of seven, depression at twelve, and idiopathic hypersomnia at the age of twenty-one. She believes that a stringent diet consisting of meat, salt, and water has cured her ailment.


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She is a CEO, a lifestyle and diet blogger, and a podcaster. Mikhaila hosts specialists from many fields to explore how to enrich the human experience and achieve the highest level of fulfilment.

She runs a personal webpage. Mikhaila has become her own brand. Check out the webpage link for her:

Who Exactly is Andrey Korrekov?

Andrey Korikov is a Russian Soviet rower. He competed in the men’s coxed pair event in the Summer Olympics of 1988. He was born in Russia on January 2, 1964.

Ryerson University granted Andrey a bachelor’s degree in business and business technology management. He has held several positions at various companies. Here is the entire list (according to LinkedIn profile):

  • Business Process Analyst at the Northbridge Financial Corporation
  • As a Business and Process analyst at the Menkes Developments Limited
  • Business Consultant at the Husky Injection Molding Systems
  • Senior Business Consultant at the Sabre Corporation Principal Consultant
  • Business Process Engineering Competency Lead at the Ontario Securities Commission
  • Principal Consultant, Business Process Engineering Practice Lead at the Toronto-Dominion Bank in Toronto, Canada Area
  • Senior Business Consultant at the Toronto-Dominion Bank in Toronto, Canada Area
  • Principal Consultant, Business Process Engineering Practice Lead in Adastra Company in Toronto, Canada Area
  • Principal Consultant, Change Manager at the BMO Capital Markets in Toronto, Canada Area

Is Andrey Korikov, Mikhaila Peterson’s Husband?

In 2017, Andrey and Mikhaila met at Ryerson University. They began dating, and on August 6, 2017, their daughter Elizabeth Scarlett Peterson Korikova was born. Immediately following the conception of their daughter, they wed.


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After around five years of marriage, the couple decided to divorce. Elizabeth now resides with her father. Here is an adorable photo of the father and daughter.

Why Did Mikhail and Andrey Decide to Divorce?

Andrey was married to Mikhail Peterson for five years. On November 15, 2021, shortly after their divorce, Mikhail took to Instagram to express her emotions. She stated, “This was not an impulsive choice. This is the kind of thing I’ve been pondering and praying for more frequently recently, and it was the right decision.”

Who is Mikhail Peterson’s Husband?

Who is Mikhail Peterson’s Husband?

After divorcing her first husband, Andrey Korikov, she fell in love with and married Jordan Fuller.

Therefore, we can say that Jordan is Mikhaila’s husband.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mikhaila Peterson’s Age?

She will turn 31 in January 2023.

Why is Mikhaila Peterson Well-known?

She is well-known for her podcasts and programmes on lifestyle management.

Who First Created the Lion Diet?

The Lion diet was created by Mikhaila Peterson.

Is Mikhaila Still a Carnivore?

She is renowned for her carnivorous diet.

Is Lion’s Diet Nutritious?

It cannot be sustained and will certainly result in nutritional deficits.

What Illness Did Mikhaila Have?

Her juvenile rheumatoid arthritis caused inflammation, chronic tiredness, rashes, and other symptoms. Her arthritis was so severe that she required hip and ankle replacements.

What is an Autoimmune Disorder?

It is a syndrome in which the body’s natural defence system cannot distinguish between its own cells and foreign ones, causing the body to mistakenly attack healthy cells.


Even though Mikhaila Peterson had a difficult childhood plagued by multiple illnesses, she gathered herself and maintained her will. Mikhaila is now a prominent personality after overcoming all hurdles. She has laboured arduously for this.

The Lion Diet, which includes salt, water, and meat from ruminant animals such as cows, sheep, and deer, is her most well-known achievement.

She wed Andrey Korikov in 2017, but they divorced in 2021. She subsequently expressed her feelings on the divorce. It was a difficult choice to make, especially after the birth of a daughter. After her marriage, her parents’ health steadily declined. Her mother was diagnosed with cancer, and her father spent eight days in a coma induced by medication. Clearly, this would not have been simple for her.

After her divorce in 2021, she recently wed Jordan Fuller, whom she met and fell in love with. In the Miami area, Jordan is the Director of Operations at Luminate Enterprises Ltd.

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