Who is Kehlani Dating? Let’s Find Out Her Dating Relationship’s Latest Update!


Who is dating Kehlani? Reportedly, singer Kehlani has dated a wide array of individuals. The release of the celebrity’s self-directed music video for “melt” has sparked rumours of a new romance. Thanks to music, Kehlani and 070 Shake have made their love official.

Wednesday’s airing of the music video for “melt” off Kehlani’s latest album “Blue Water Road” put the couple’s affection on full show for 4.5 minutes. In this video, Kehlani and 070 Shake are shown kissing, taking selfies, and making each other laugh in a variety of lovely locales, ranging from a verdant forest to a cosy church.

When Kehlani and 070 Shake are feeling very loving, they sing, “Wish I could build me a gorgeous condo / One bedroom right where your heart is.”

Who Is Kehlani Dating?

In May 2022, when Kehlani began promoting their new music video in anticipation of their impending tour, rumours began to circulate that one of the co-stars was actually dating one of the band members.

Kehlani posted images of herself with Danielle Balbuena, also known as 070 Shake, on Instagram. The accompanying text stated, “I love you.”


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Shortly after the video went viral, they posted a brief footage of themselves kissing on Instagram with the message “a true story,” further fuelling rumours that they are engaged.

Who Is Kehlani’s Girlfriend 070 Shake?

Danielle Balbuena, age 24, is a well-known singer and rapper for her work with the 070 crew, which also included Ralphy River, Treee Safari, and Phi. However, in 2016, after listening to her song “Trust Nobody,” Ye signed 070 Shake to his GOOD Music label, and she went solo.

070 Shake’s EP “Glitter” (2018) and album “Modus Vivendi” (2020) both debuted at No. 10 on Billboard’s Heatseekers album rankings. Numerous notable artists, including Ye, Swedish House Mafia, Jessie Reyez, and Pusha T, have collaborated with Shake.

070 Shake has been vocal about her desire to women despite her reluctance to declare her sexual orientation.

She told Pitchfork in 2018: “I don’t really identify as queer, homosexual, or anything else.” A straightforward declaration of “I like women.”

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Relationship Timeline of Kehlani and 070 Shake

Kehlani is purportedly seen celebrating the new year in Las Vegas with 070 Shake, who has been rumoured to be her girlfriend. The famous woman posted on her Instagram account, “note to self: stop flipping the bird so frequently in 2022. Thank you, Baegas, once more,” accompanied by an image gallery.

There is a photograph of Kehlani perched on 070 Shake’s head. Kehlani tweeted another photo from the same night out with her friends and 070 Shake, this time with no caption and only a few space and planet emojis to explain the photo.

Despite Kehlani’s occasional Instagram presence, 070 Shake uploaded one of her most recent music videos on her profile in September.

A few weeks later, 070 Shake modified a photo of Kehlani and tweeted it along with another message from the singer. She resorted to Twitter to express her sorrow at being separated from Kehlani. She remarked “I miss you more” on Kehlani’s then-deleted post.

Kehlani and 070 Shake were present at the Michigan Theater for the Bottega Veneta Salon 03 Presentation fashion show. On a Thursday in Detroit, Michigan, they were photographed seated closely together.


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They appeared in the film, which erupted across all kinds of online media in popularity. People began to speculate almost immediately whether they were a couple.

There was a supporter present who yelled, “This is NOT a drill!!! Okay, 070 Shake and Kehlani. Congratulations on becoming the most recent alleged couple,” you remarked as you reposted their photo.

Instagram followers shared images of the singer with 070 Shake playing in the background. Kehlani’s face is lit up with a huge grin, while 070 Shake in the background appears astonished.

Kehlani and 070 Shake appeared to confirm relationship speculations by taking a sweet Instagram selfie together. The photograph was uploaded to Kehlani’s Instagram.

The photo features Kehlani taking a selfie with 070 Shake in the mirror, as 070 Shake bites Kehlani’s cheek as she poses.

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