Who is John Dutton Based on? Let’s Go Over Everything You Should Know About!


The fourth season of the drama series Yellowstone, which started in 2018, aired on November 7, 2021. Yellowstone shows how the Dutton family, which owns the most land in Montana, moves around the state.

Yellowstone is now one of the most-watched TV shows in the world. Only The Walking Dead has more viewers. The characters in the series are known for having many sides and not always being “good” or “bad.”

But the main reason Yellowstone is so popular all over the world is that it shows cowboy culture as it really is. Some fans have even started to wonder if the show is based on real events and people because it seems so real.

Is Yellowstone Based on a True Story?

Yellowstone is not based on a real book or story. Instead, it is a made-up series by John Linson and Taylor Sheridan. The co-creators were inspired by the struggles of modern cowboys and the problems ranchers have had to deal with since the beginning of time.

The ideas for the stories came from Linson and Sheridan’s heads, plain and simple.

But things like injustice, racism, poverty, oppression, and corruption in the real world have given them ideas. Sheridan has also used his own life as a cowboy and growing up on a ranch in Texas with his family.

He also has a lot of real cowboys and ranchers working on the set to make the show seem more real. Sheridan’s other works, like 1883 (2021-2022) and Mayor of Kingstown (2021-), are also unique, just like Yellowstone.

What is the Process Behind Creating Yellowstone?

It’s very rare for two people to be able to write a whole TV show together. Most of the time, a group of writers does this, and often different people write different episodes.

But Taylor Sheridan and John Linson’s way of writing scripts isn’t the only way to do it. The American crime show True Detective actually gave them ideas for their work (2014-2019).

The first season of True Detective was also written by two people, Cary Joji Fukunaga and Nic Pizzolatto, just like Yellowstone. Sheridan told Deadline in an interview that he has, in fact, changed the way they write.

“What Cary did, I am doing,” he said. “Write 10-hour films and then go make them.”

But this isn’t the only way that the two shows are alike. Like True Detective, Yellowstone’s characters develop slowly over the course of a season and go through important changes.

Sheridan also said that he didn’t know how to write scripts for TV. He does the job as if he were writing a novel, which is why the stories on the screen are so complex and hard to follow.

Who is John Dutton Based on?

John Dutton is the owner of the famous Yellowstone Ranch in the series. He is a stubborn person who wants to keep his ranch in one piece no matter what.

John Dutton isn’t based on anyone in particular, but people like W.T. Waggoner and Bill Galt might have given him ideas for his character. Waggoner used to own the biggest ranch in the US, and Galt now owns a 248,000-acre ranch in Montana.

W.T. Waggoner was once the owner of the 525,000-acre Waggoner Ranch in North Texas. He is a true legend in the world of ranching.

The ranch was started in 1849 by the Waggoner family and passed down through several generations. For many years, it was the largest ranch in America. The ranch was owned by the Waggoners until 2015, when Stan Kroenke bought it for about $725 million.

Bill Galt, on the other hand, is a great modern example for John Dutton. The Montana rancher is known for flying around in a helicopter to check on his land and for meeting with politicians from time to time. He has also been called “The Last American Cowboy,” which is another way in which he is like John Dutton.

Who Owns the Real Yellowstone Ranch?

The Yellowstone Ranch isn’t real, but the Dutton family’s house is on the Chief Joseph Ranch, which is a real working cattle ranch. The 150-acre property is near Darby, Montana, and has been in use since 1880.

Shane Libel and his family own the real Yellowstone Ranch. After the property was looked at as a possible place to film Yellowstone, the Libels signed a contract with the filmmakers for five seasons.

Other places to film on the property besides the 5,000-square-foot log mansion are the barns, corrals, arena, armory, and cabins.

When Yellowstone isn’t filming at the ranch, you can rent the cabins for a unique Yellowstone experience for at least three nights.

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