Who Is Joe Keery Dating: Who has Joe Keery Dated?


Joe Keery, a young actor, is best recognised for his hair and for playing Steve on Stranger Things. He began the series as a conventional high school jerk role but has now developed into one of the most adored stars. Fans are excited to see more of him since the show will return for a third season on July 4.

The star has a lengthy resume in the acting business. He was reared in Newburyport, Massachusetts, and frequently attended Theater in the Open, a performing arts summer camp. Keery pursued acting as his passion after receiving a lot of support from his family. 2014 saw his graduation from De Paul University at Chicago’s Theatre School.

Who Is Joe Keery Dating

Joe plays guitar for the garage and psycho-rock band Post Animal in addition to his great career in TV and film, so don’t think that’s all he does. Although the band released a first album in 2015, Keery is no longer actively touring with them as of 2019.

Now that his career has been discussed extensively, what about the guy himself? Since the beginning of his career, the actor has maintained a relatively modest profile, but that hasn’t stopped admirers from making assumptions about his romantic life.

Read on to learn who Joe Keery is dating right now despite the fact that not much is known about his dating past. As new details are discovered, updates will follow.

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Who is Joe Keery Dating?

Since they first met on the production of their film After Everything in 2017, Joe has been romantically linked to actress Maika Monroe. They haven’t publicly acknowledged their relationship on social media, although they have appeared together on stage at award presentations and other occasions over the years. Their first red carpet appearance together was actually for the Stranger Things season 2 premiere.

However, following months of separation rumours, the two had “officially” split up, according to the gossip site DeuxMoi in November 2022. One eyewitness even reported seeing Maika kissing Karl Glusman, another Watcher co-star, “a couple weeks ago.”

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Who is Maika Monroe?

Maika is well-known for her parts in Hot Summer Nights, Independence Day: Resurgence, and It Follows. She played the title role in the movie Watcher, which debuted on June 3, 2022, only in theatres. She has a distinguished acting career in addition to a fascinating pastime as a professional kiteboarder, which she started at the age of 13. Cool!

Fun fact: Maika wasn’t her real name at birth! The actress went by Maika for the majority of her life before formally changing her identity from Dillon Monroe Buckley. She revealed to Under the Radar that her mother had a close friend by the name of Maika and had thought about naming her daughter that before settling on Dillon. However, after hearing that tale, Monroe decided that Maika was a better fit and began using that name from a very young age.

The California native has also been linked to another well-known figure, Liam Hemsworth, in addition to her current boyfriend Joe Keery. Yes, the two sparked suspicions of a romance while making Independence Day: Resurgence. We don’t know the details of their relationship because neither ever discussed it in public.

Who Is Joe Keery Dating

Joe Keery Girlfriend 2020

Keery, though, is presently seeing actress Maika Monroe. Although it’s probable that they were introduced on set of the 2018 movie After Everything, it’s unknown how they first met. According to Elite Daily, Keery and Monroe went to the Stranger Things season 3 premiere together. They made their first appearance together on the red carpet at the season 2 premiere in October 2017. The two celebrities have been dating for slightly over three years as of right now.

The two most recently appeared together in the short horror film How to Be Alone, about a young woman (Monroe) who is forced to face her fears after her significant other (Keery) leaves for the evening at work. The web series World of Death, which showcases spooky short films from all across the world, includes How to Be Alone. Joe and Maika appear to be creative individuals, and they make a cute couple on the red carpet. If they go to the Stranger Things season 4 premiere together or not, fans will have to wait and watch!

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Who has Joe Keery Dated?

Joe Keery has not disclosed any prior relationships to the public aside from his relationship with Maika.

Final Words

He has been romantically linked to actress Maika Monroe since 2017. Not much is known about their relationship but they have been spotted together on red carpets in the past. The two sparked suspicions of a romance while filming Independence Day: Resurgence. Unknown as to how they first met, though it’s likely that they met on set of the 2018 movie After Everything. They went to the Stranger Things season 3 premiere together.

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