Who is Elliot Blair Wife? How Did the Family of the Public Defender Respond to His Death?

Who is Elliot Blair Wife? After her husband died in a sad accident while celebrating his anniversary in Mexico, the American attorney Elliot Blair’s wife became a focus of interest.

Elliot Blair, a deputy public defender in Orange County, California, died on January 14, 2023 at the age of 33 due to serious brain damage sustained in a fatal accident.

The Defender and his wife Kim were residing 45 miles south of San Diego at the Las Rocas Resort in Rosarito Beach on January 14.

CNN reports that the Orange County Register has issued a statement suggesting that Elliot’s death may have been caused by a fall from the third floor.

Who is Elliot Blair Wife Kim?

Elliot was in Mexico celebrating his wedding anniversary when he was involved in a fatal accident.

The victim and Kim had been in the Orange County Public Defender’s Office since 2017. The circumstances surrounding Blair’s death remain murky, since Mexican authorities have yet to divulge specifics.

Who Is Elliot Blair Wife

Annie Rodriguez has established a donation appeal in Blair’s honour to assist Blair’s wife with the “arduous process of moving Elliot’s body from Mexico to the United States and dealing with all the red tape.”

The Mexican authorities advised that Elliot’s remains be cremated, but his family demanded that he not be incinerated so that a thorough, independent inquiry could be conducted.

How Did the Family of the Public Defender Respond to His Death?

According to an autopsy and a family statement issued by their attorney, David Scarsone, the deputy public defender died of “serious head trauma.”

The attorney’s family disclosed after his death that the case had been referred to a local prosecutor for probable homicide investigation.

Due to the fact that Elliot’s family has substantial legal experience in criminal law, their preliminary research suggests he may be the victim of a violent crime.

CNN is surprised to learn that Elliot Blair’s family has not communicated with Mexican authorities on his death.

In addition, they said that they may pay a private business to perform an independent inquiry, which would include toxicology.

Nonetheless, an eyewitness claimed Blair was “under the influence of alcohol” when he fell from the fourth floor of the hotel.

His family insists that foul play was involved, but neither the Rosarito Beach Police Department nor the Mexican government has contacted them.

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In 2023, What Was Elliot Blair’s Net Worth?

As of 2023, Elliot Blair’s estimated net worth is between $500,000 and $759,000. According to Ziprecruiter, the median annual salary for a Public Defender in Orange is $116,786 or $56.15 per hour.

According to Glassdoor, the projected compensation for a Deputy Public Defender in the United States is $97,479 per year, with an average salary of $88,824 per year.

Who is Elliot Blair Wife?

Elliot’s death seemed suspicious because he and his wife were not new to the location.

They have been at Las Rocas Resort and Spa numerous times over the previous five years and are well familiar with its layout, including its hallways and walkways.

Due to the inadequacy of the Rosarito Beach Police Department’s investigation into Elliot’s death, the family feels obligated to conduct their own private inquiry in quest of the truth.

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