Who is Brooke Ashley Hall Husband? Who Are Her Kids?

Who is Brooke Ashley Hall Husband? This article will tell people who like Brooke Ashley Hall if she is married or not. Brooke Ashley Hall is a social media and TikTok star from the US. Brooke Ashley Hall’s bio, net worth, marital status, and other details are included in this article. Continue reading to find out if is Brooke Ashley Hall Married.

Who is Brooke Ashley Hall?

Brooke Ashley Hall was born on April 19, 1993, so she will be 29 years old in 2022. She was born and raised in a stable Christian family in Warren, Ohio, in the United States. She was born in the United States, and her religion is Christian.

She got her early education at a high school in the United States. After that, she went back to her home country, the United States, to finish college at a private university. She has wanted to be famous in the United States ever since she was a child.

Along with dancing, she has also been interested in modeling and fashion. Brooke Ashley Hall is a social media and TikTok star from the US. People know her because she posts dance and lip-sync videos on her TikTok account.

Aside from TikTok, she is also very popular on a number of other social media sites. She also works as a model and is interested in fashion, in addition to what she does on social media. She works for several companies that make clothes and shoes.

Who is Brooke Ashley Hall Husband

Who is Brooke Ashley Hall Husband?

Brooke Ashley Hall’s father is named Mr. Ashley and works as a businessman. Her mother is called Mrs. Ashley and works as a housewife. She is an only child. Brooke Ashley Hall is the only child her mother and father have.

Brooke Ashley Hall is in a relationship. Marco Hall is her husband, and he is a boxer by trade. She also has two wonderful sons, whose names are Cannon Hall and Caedon Hall.

Who are Brooke Ashley Hall’s kids?

The YouTuber has three kids named Braylon, Mar’Cannon, and Caedon. Braylon, on the other hand, is from her last relationship. After they got together, they had children named Mar’Cannon and Caedon.

Caedon, their last son, was born on January 14, 2021. When she was 16, the TikTok star had her first child, Braylon. She couldn’t afford a crib for her son at the time, so she had to put him to sleep in a cardboard box.


Hall started her career by posting prank videos, cover songs, dancing videos, lip sync videos, and beautiful lifestyle photos on social media sites like Instagram and TikTok. After that, she quickly became well-known on these platforms, with a lot of people following her and liking her videos. Because of this, she also got a lot of followers on her TikTok.

She also has a lot of followers on Instagram, where she has used her fame to become a face and spokesperson for many fashion, cosmetics, skin care, and swimwear brands, such as Olay, Fashion Nova, and many more. She also used to put a lot of videos on her YouTube accounts.

Brooke Ashley Hall Net Worth

According to thewikifeed, by 2022, her entire net worth will be $1 million. In Las Vegas, she is living a high life.

Her job is the only thing that brings in money for her. She doesn’t have to give the media her salary and income per year.

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