Who is Bradley Jackson Based on Real Reporter? ‘The Morning Show’-Latest News and Updates


As most of us have come to expect from the actress-turned-multi-hyphenate media mogul, Reese Witherspoon plays many roles in the new AppleTV+ series The Morning Show: She serves as both the series’ star and executive producer.

Bradley Jackson, a local reporter who is invited into The Morning Show when a viral video of her fiery personality (and hence big TV potential) goes viral, will be Witherspoon’s most prominent position for viewers. However, did any actual, outspoken reporters provide inspiration for Bradley Jackson?

Not precisely, but her TV news world should at least be somewhat recognisable. Jackson is put on the air not just to replace Mitch Kessler (Steve Carell) after he is dismissed for sexual misconduct, but also to shake things up with Alex Levy, the Morning Show’s longstanding co-host (Jennifer Aniston). After the charges against the former co-host, the producers feel a pressing need to spice up the show, and Jackson appears to be the perfect candidate. In this tumultuous period of transition, Jackson and Levy engage in a power struggle as they attempt to discover their new positions on and off-screen.

However, you may have already noticed that Bradley Jackson has a new appearance. Her mousy brown hair (a wig worn by Witherspoon) has been replaced with a shade of blonde that blends in well with The Morning Show’s sunny mood. The choice to abandon the look was not just based on character. Witherspoon informs us of this and much more. Keep reading.

Glamour: Bradley Has a Fresh Look for the Current Season. Why Did You Decide to Dye Your Hair Blonde, Which I Assume is Now Your Natural Hair Colour?

Yes, that’s my hair, says Reese Witherspoon. We discussed with our writer, Kerry Ehrin, and our director, Mimi Leder, how when Bradley achieves the top anchor position, she will do whatever to make the network’s viewers pleased. Consequently, she dyes her hair, performs TikTok dances, and hosts celebrity events for them. She is merely attempting to get along, which is so uncharacteristic of her. It is actually somewhat humorous.

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Did You Like Giving Up the Wig?

Honestly, to be frank…

It was a difficulty that, during the epidemic, would have made my life extremely difficult due to the number of people needed to construct [the wigs]. There is an entire technical industry. We actually made a game-day choice that made things simpler for everyone.

In essence, COVID eradicated the wig.


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After the Spectacular Season One Finale of the Morning Show, What Excites You About Bradley’s Future Story?

When [head writer] Kerry Ehrin and I began discussing how she was reconceiving season two owing to the pandemic, we discussed Bradley’s sexual exploration. Several of my acquaintances in their forties felt suddenly liberated enough from their childhood or other restraints to explore their sexuality. So that was our chat, and I think Kerry handled it quite well. 45 years of age brings with it a great deal of complication when it comes to establishing one’s identity; so, this topic dominated the debate. Kerry also desired to discuss Bradley’s relationship with her brother and his drug issue. During those scenes, a great deal of the cast and crew approached me to say that it reminded them of their own sibling relationships.

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