Who Is Bloody Mary Based On: The Face Behind the Legend!


It’s not just in the morning after a night of too much vodka and tomato juice that we stand alone in a darkened room and mutter “Bloody Mary” into the mirror. Scare-seekers and the superstitious have been dabbling in catoptromancy (the practise of divination using a mirror) for a variety of divinatory purposes since at least the second century CE.

When sick individuals visited temples in ancient Greece, they were told to gaze into a mirror. They could anticipate a quick recovery if the ghost looked healthy; if it looked ghoulish, it signified their days were numbered. In candlelight mirrors, young women in Edwardian Britain would search for images of their future spouses.

If he showed up, everything would be OK. It was predicted that she would pass away before being married if a gloomy spectre arose. Bloody Mary and Hanako-san, often known as “Hanako of the Toilet,” are both legendary figures in Japanese culture. When you call out her name, a young girl who was either slain during WWII air raids or by a parent or stranger appears in the mirrors of school toilets.

But it’s only recently that people have started calling on Bloody Mary, a ghost covered in blood who may either be frightening and friendly or end up strangling you. So who precisely do thrill-seekers anticipate encountering when they call upon the ghost of Bloody Mary? Here are three candidates from the past.

Who Is Bloody Mary Based On

So, Who is Bloody Mary Based on?

The response is dependent upon the kind of apparition you anticipate gazing back at you. Mary I of England, a lifeless image soaked in the protestant martyrs’ blood? Mary Queen of Scots, a bald, slender monarch? Or Bloody Mary Bathory, a countess who committed serial murder and bathed in the blood of young girls?

Whichever it may be, you wouldn’t want to run into any of them in a pitch-black alley, let alone see them in your candle-lit bathroom mirror.

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Mary I of England

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