Who Is Bedlam, the New Enemy That Venom Faces?

“a scene of tumult and absolute disarray” is what it signifies, according to the meaning of the term. And despite the fact that anyone could look up a list of synonyms for the term, Eddie Brock and his son Dylan, the two current symbiote anti-heroes leading vastly different lives under the name Venom, have found that the true identity of the mysterious symbiote villain named Bedlam has remained a thorn in their side.

Soon, the mystery surrounding Bedlam’s true identity will be solved once and for all, and the individual in question is so easily recognised that even seeing their face would give the game away. To achieve this goal, Marvel has released a censored version of Paolo Siqueira and Rachelle Rosenberg’s just-revealed variant cover for the issue. This version covers up the real face of the villain with a black blot and asks, “Who is Bedlam?”


However, readers won’t have to wait until Venom #10 to get an answer to the question of who Bedlam really is. They’ll find out the answer far sooner than that. That will take place in the issue of Venom #9 that will be released on July 27; in other words, just a few short weeks from now.

Strangely enough, Bedlam is not mentioned at all in the description of Venom #9 in the solicitation text. Instead, it makes reference to Kang the Conqueror, who will be Eddie Brock and the Symbiote Hive’s adversary in the near future. Eddie Brock is now a member of the Symbiote Hive.

Nevertheless, the text of the solicitation for Venom #10, which will be released on August 31, provides some additional potential insight into Bedlam. It states, “Manipulated and maligned by forces stronger than himself, Eddie has no choice but to watch in horror as his son, Dylan, and the Venom symbiote are stabbed in the heart by Bedlam!”

Could this indicate that Dylan Brock is in for a particularly terrible end at the hands of Bedlam? Or is there a more figurative meaning to “stabbed in the heart”?

Who Is Bedlam, Venom’s New Enemy?

To put it plainly, nobody is aware of anything just yet. His exact identity is a mystery, and all that is known about him is that he is a gigantic red and black symbiote. However, the identity of the individual will be revealed in the ninth issue of Venom, which will be released in July.

However, Bedlam claims that Meridious commanded him to terrify the Venom symbiote in order to make the latter more powerful. Bedlam accessed the Hive Mind at one time in order to materialise Eddie Brock’s torso and deceive Dylan into believing that Bedlam is his biological father. Eddie, Dylan’s father, travels across time in pursuit of a solution that will allow him to assist his son Dylan, who has already attained his destiny by assuming the form of the Venom symbiote.


After being “killed” in an assault by the Absent Throne, Eddie was surprised to find himself in the future. His consciousness propelled itself into the future by millions and millions of years. Eddie was reincarnated as a symbiote in the Garden of Time, and it was there that he happened to meet Meridious, the leader of the Absent Throne.

Bedlam launched an assault just as one of the Kings in Black attempted to impart some vital information to Eddie. It was the first time he had come into contact with the gigantic symbiote. Eddie has progressed a great deal. From a simple-minded adversary of Spider-Man to a significant force in the big scheme of things within the Marvel universe.

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