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lsoGet to know Emily Ratajkowski’s husband. Sebastian Bear-McClard is married to one of the best-known supermodels in the business, but he is also a well-known actor and producer in his own right.

The New York native grew up in a creative home. His father was an artist and his mother was a filmmaker. Bear-McClard has followed a career path similar to that of his parents.

He has produced a number of hit movies, such as Uncut Gems (2019) and Good Time (2017, pictured) He has also acted in a few short films and directed a couple of them.

Bear-McClard worked in the entertainment industry, so he and Ratajkowski had a lot of the same friends before they got together in 2018. The model and producer got married in a surprise ceremony after dating for only a few weeks.

Since then, the couple got married and in March 2021 had their first child, a son named Sylvester Apollo. Here’s everything you need to know about Bear-McClard, from his background in art to his work as a filmmaker.

Who is Sebastian Bear-McClard?

Sebastian Bear-McClard was born on March 27, 1987, and is a well-known actor and producer. His work on Uncut Gems, Good Time, and Broken Flowers may be what people know him for the most.

Who is Bear-McClard

Bear-McClard is also known for his work with the Safdie brothers, Joshua and Ben, who are his close friends and business partners. They have written, produced, and directed a number of award-winning films.

In 2014, the three of them started Elara Pictures with producer Oscar Boyson. This added to Boyson’s already large wealth.

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Are Emily Ratajkowski and Sebastian Bear-McClard Divorced?

After getting married in a surprise courthouse ceremony in New York City on February 23, 2018, they had a son named Sylvester in March 2021.

On Thursday, September 8, Life & Style confirmed that the founder of Inamorata filed for divorce from her husband of four years at the Manhattan Supreme Court.

About two months after Life & Style reported that the couple had broken up, Emily filed for divorce. A source told Life & Style at the time that the woman from San Diego, California, was “talking to lawyers” after rumors spread that Sebastian was cheating on her.

“She’s staying strong,” the source said on July 18, adding that she is “keeping it together for their son.”

Even though the Gone Girl actress hasn’t directly addressed the cheating claims, she has “liked” several social media comments about Sebastian’s infidelity, including one that said, “I can’t believe that little b–ch cheated.”

During their breakup, a source told In Touch that Sebastian was “begging” to get back together with his ex-wife and that he has “major regrets.”

The drama between the couple isn’t over yet, since Emily’s divorce filing said that it was “contested.” Page Six was the first to report that a contested divorce means “there are things to be fought over in court.”

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Do Emily and Sebastian Have Children?

Since they got married, the two of them have had one child together. Sylvester Apollo Bear, their son, was born in 2021.


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Because he is so young, not much is known about the tike. However, he often shows up on her Instagram page, where she has over 29 million followers.

What Does Sebastian Bear-Mcclard Do?

As an actor and film producer, the man from New York has made a name for himself. Emily’s ex-husband has been in short films like Buffalo Wings, The Minority, and There’s Nothing You Can Do, according to his IMDb page. Not only has he acted in short films, but he also directed Bottle Poppaz and Bold from the Blue before becoming a producer.

In 2014, Sebastian and his friends Josh and Benny Safdie, Oscar Boyson, and Ronald Bronstein started a company called Elara Pictures to make independent movies.

Since then, Elara has made movies like the 2017 movie Good Times with Robert Pattinson and Jennifer Jason Leigh, Adam Sandler’s 2019 movie Uncut Gems, and Amandla Stenberg, Maria Bakalova, and Pete Davidson’s 2022 movie Bodies Bodies Bodies.

Bear-McClard Net Worth

The news site Married Biography says that Sebastian Bear-McClard will have a net worth of $12 million in 2022. Who is Bear-McClard

The Things says that Bear-McClard was in a fight with the landlord of his New York apartment in NoHo. The Things says that Bear-McClard owed the landlord $120,000, which is about two years of rent at $4900 per month.

The problem was quickly fixed, though, when Ratajkowski and McClard moved out and bought a $2 million house in Los Angeles.

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