Who is 13 Reasons Why Based on True Story? Who Exactly is Hannah Baker?


Despite its popularity, the controversial Netflix drama 13 Reasons Why ended in 2020. Throughout all four seasons, we saw how difficult it can be to exist within the walls of a high school and how difficult it can be to recover from trauma.

Due to the realism of the Netflix series, fans have been attempting to determine who inspired the main character Hannah Baker and who inspired the events of 13 Reasons Why.

It turns out that a number of distinct factors inspired the story and the character. Here is every known fact.

Who Exactly is Hannah Baker?

There is no such person as Hannah Baker. The television series 13 Reasons Why is based on Jay Asher’s 2007 publication of the same name. This book inspired the character Hannah on the television show. She is a high school freshman trying to make the best of things. However, when she commits suicide, she leaves behind a series of tapes to explain why she did it.

However, Hannah’s character is inspired by a real person. Although Jay does not specify who this person is, he has stated that Hannah’s story was inspired by a relative who attempted suicide around the same age. He has discussed numerous events that impacted him. According to Marquette Wire, he also interviewed women in his life, including his wife and friends, about their high school experiences and feelings during that time.

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Is the Plot of “13 Reasons Why” Based on a True Story?

Even though 13 Reasons Why is based on the same-titled book, it is not necessarily a true story. Instead, after a relative attempted suicide, the author drew inspiration from the diverse thoughts and emotions of other women around him to create the fictional world Hannah inhabits.

Who is 13 Reasons Why Based on True Story?

In 2016, Jay visited Edina High School in Edina, Minnesota, and stated that Hannah’s tapes were inspired by a trip to Las Vegas. He went on an audio tour of an Egyptian tomb in which each section was accompanied by an audio clip. “At the very end of the tour, I had the idea that I wanted to write a book with cassette tape sides instead of chapters,” he said.

Another source of inspiration for the books was Jay, who dislikes reading sad books. Despite the upsetting nature of his book, he utilised techniques such as pacing and suspense to keep readers interested. He told Edina High, “I dislike reading sad books to this day, and it was obvious that this book would be sad.” “My intention was for someone like me, who dislikes sad books, to find it difficult to put down.”

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