Where Was Vikings Filmed? Cast, Crew, and Plot of the Vikings!


You would anticipate the answer to be in Scandinavia. In truth, practically all of Vikings was shot in Wicklow County, Ireland, the same region where Kattegat was shot for the Vikings Valhalla Netflix series.

Not until the most recent seasons, beginning with the fourth, did your favourite Norsemen become seasoned globetrotters.

Within a short distance of the studio, there are rough mountains, enchanted forests, beautiful lakes, and the coast.

The sound sets are less than an hour’s drive from Dublin, where the majority of the series’ many extras originate.

The makers of Vikings chose to remain on the island because Ireland offers a favourable tax incentive that encourages TV series and films to film there.

After the show’s global popularity, the production team landed in Morocco and Iceland to film portions of seasons 4 and 5, including a brief incursion into Canadian territory for season 3.

The series chronicles the exploits of Ragnar Lodbrok and his ancestors, a mythical hero from the ninth century who pillaged Northumbria, France, and Britain.

This (nearly) spoiler-free article has been updated to include the new filming sites for the sixth and final season.

Where is the Set of Vikings?

The majority of Vikings locations are located in Wicklow County, which is located approximately 30 miles south of Dublin. Depending on the circumstances, this little region has been converted into England, France, or Norway.

The magnificent appearance of the Valley of Glendalough has been admired by numerous movies, including the 1981 fantasy film Excalibur.

Wicklow’s woodlands contain nearly pristine sections and ancient trees that provide a genuine impression of wilderness. The Wicklow Way traverses beautiful mountains and lakes.

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The Kattegat Vikings Site and the Lake

In the series, the Vikings originate from a town in the sound of Kattegat (a narrow sea channel between two bodies of land) in southern Norway, nestled beneath a fjord.

Lough Tay is an important Vikings destination. Before being deconstructed and relocated to Ashford Studios in Ballyhenry, the Kattegat village set was constructed to the right of the image, along the coast.

In these regions, outdoor video is frequently digitally manipulated to include snowy mountains and other Scandinavian characteristics.
Map of Kilgarron, courtesy of History Channel and Kilgarron. This is the Vikings set at Ashford Studios, as captured by satellite vision.

We Admire the Design With the Miniature Artificial Lake.

This photograph was taken on the set in Ashford during the production of the sixth season, which has now been repurposed for the Netflix series Vikings Valhalla. The production utilised Water Boyne, just outside of Drogheda, to film river sequences.

Other local lakes, including Lough Dan and Lake Blessington, were utilised to film sequences onboard the Viking longships. The roughly 120-meter-tall Powerscourt Waterfall has been featured in multiple episodes. Presented is a screenshot from season five, episode twelve.

In addition to the estate’s home and Italian gardens, this is a popular tourist destination. This site has appeared in a number of films, notably the second season of Into the Badlands on AMC.

In a sequence from the first season, the lovely Nuns Beach along the Wild Atlantic Way in County Kerry doubled as a beach in Northumbria.

In the third season, a large amount of computer-generated graphics was used to depict the siege of a certain significant city (no spoilers!).

All of the gorgeous sites seen in this episode were recorded on the grounds of Ashford Studios, where Vikings is filmed.

In addition, a handful of sequences from the fourth season were shot in Canada, in a forest in northeastern Ontario (not far from Sault Ste. Marie Airport).

The fifth season of Vikings was recorded on location in Morocco as well. The Sahara desert close to Erfoud and Errachidia shows the territories of the Mediterranean and North Africa.

Atlas Studios repurposed the citadel of the Byzantine commander in Sicily (shown) from the 2005 film Kingdom of Heaven (Ouarzazate).

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Season 5 Locations in Iceland

Flóki’s discovery of the Land of the Gods in season 5 was filmed on the stunning black sand beaches near Vk in Iceland.The precise location of the beach is to the right of the Dyrhólaey cape, where the arch with a hole and several sea stacks are located.

Skógafoss is one of the most popular waterfalls along the Ring Road’s southwest route in Iceland. The geyser was added to the small Viking encampment (the one with the blue pool) using computer-generated imagery.

In the third episode of “Homeland” season five, Flóki climbs to Kvernufoss Waterfall. In addition, a sequence was shot in the Krsuvk geothermal area near Reykjavik.

In episode six, “The Message,” there is a shot of the Dettifoss waterfall, a well-known attraction located on the Diamond Circle circuit in the country’s north.

Ivar is a kind of 10th-century traveller in season six, Couchsurfing, getting drunk, and engaging in extreme sports with his new companion, the Varangian Prince Oleg (played by Danila Kozlovsky).

In the studios, the Kiev set of the Kievan Rus kingdom was constructed. The palace was influenced by the 22-domed Transfiguration Church on the Russian island of Kizhi on Lake Onega.

Digital effects were used to add the domes to the building, which was constructed only to the balcony level.

In addition, the entrance’s twin towers were modelled after the church bell tower, which can be seen in the middle of the lower image.

In 1960, Soviet officials disassembled and relocated these churches and the other structures in the park from various regions of Karelia. In an effort to conserve Russian timber architecture, a museum was established here.
History Channel and Atlas of Wonders – Kizhi Pogost Map provided the image.

Ivar begins the first episode of the season on the Silk Road in Asia. There are a few photographs from Zhangye Danxia, the rainbow mountains of China.

Through the last link, you may view further images of this wonderful location in our specialised report. Scenes from Ubbe’s journey to Newfoundland in Part 2 include establishing shots of the North American shoreline and woodlands, but were also filmed in Ireland.

The photographed beach scene appears to have been filmed in one of the caves on Silverstrand beach in southern Wicklow. Can you help improve this page regarding the Vikings series’ filming locations? Thank you in advance for any feedback, information, or photographs you may have to help complete and correct this report.

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