Where Was the Martian Filmed? Where Were the Earth Scenes From “The Martian” Filmed?


Ridley Scott’s 2015 science fiction blockbuster “The Martian” wowed audiences with its depiction of the mythical red planet. Fans observed Matt Damon experience what an astronaut trapped on Mars might truly endure, including enormous sandstorms and food production issues. The story is frightening but ultimately encouraging for anyone with aspirations of interstellar travel. You may have asked to yourself, “Where was “The Martian” filmed?” if you’ve seen the film.

We’re going to draw back the curtain and unveil all the filming locations and specifics of the movie! While we’re at it, we’ll also showcase Peerspace sites that can be rented by the hour for your own out-of-this-world production.

Where Were the “the Martian” Mars Sequences Filmed?

As you watched “The Martian,” you may have wondered, as did many other viewers, how they made it appear that Matt Damon was actually on Mars. The answer to this question is somewhat more grounded than you might have anticipated.

The red dunes of Mars were seen on film at Wadi Rum, Jordan. This desert is ideal for recreating the surface of Mars, so it’s not surprising that Scott chose to return to this area after utilising it for “Prometheus” in 2012.

In an interview with Architectural Digest, Scott’s production designer Arthur Max stated, “We based it on photos from Mars, but we also had to pay closer attention to the colour of our setting in Jordan.” As you can see, creating an alien universe from scratch is no simple process. Film productions must move heaven and earth to accomplish their goals.

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Can You Visit the Wadi Rum Deserts?

The answer to the question “Where was ‘The Martian’ filmed? Superfans of the film may ask if this location is accessible to the general public. Wadi Rum can be visited in a variety of ways, many of which are opulent and relaxing.

Although Jordan may be most known for the magnificent sculptures at Petra, many travel publications recommend spending some time in this surreal desert. The Wadi Rum Night Luxury Camp should be the first stop for any fan wanting the authentic Martian experience, since it provides a high-class location for those who wish to experience the desert nights in elegance.

where was the martian filmed

According to the website for the camp, “Retreat to your individual Bedouin-style tent with its surrounding expanse of silky sand and sumptuous accommodations. The Wadi Rum Night camp consists of 25 luxury tents that are completely equipped… There is a nice area outside the tent from which to view the stars at night.” In addition to these luxury amenities, they have bubble tents that mirror those inhabited by Matt Damon’s character in the film.

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Where Were the Earth Scenes Filmed for “the Martian?”

Let’s move on to the film’s other locales located on our home planet. Fans may recall the sequences that took place at NASA and may question if they were filmed at actual U.S. government agency facilities. It appears like Scott took a few shortcuts in order to create a more aesthetically engaging film.

NASA’s famed offices were recreated in “The Martian” using locales in Budapest, Hungary. Movie-Locations.com provides the inside scoop on the Budapest filming locations: “NASA’s actual Johnson Space Center, located at 2101 NASA Road in Houston, Texas, is glimpsed in establishing shots, but the film was filmed in Korda Studios in the Hungarian village of Etyek, approximately 30 miles west of Budapest.

As a result, the Balna Events Centre, located at 11-12 Fvám tér, serves as a substitute for the space agency complex. The stunning structure has a truly alien vibe and, visually speaking, is more captivating than the actual Johnson Space Center.

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Where Can You Discover Filming Locations Similar to “the Martian”?

To answer the question, “Where was ‘The Martian’ filmed?” we’ve travelled around the globe and back. Now we’ll discuss the exciting part: locating your own incredible filming sites on Peerspace to create a Martian landscape. Thankfully, there is no shortage of deserts in the continental United States that can achieve nearly identical manufacturing standards and make you feel as if you have left our planet.

Take this listing for an open-air desert studio in Twenty-Nine Palms, California, as an example. “Panoramic 360-degree vistas for your ideal desert backdrop setting,” the host writes with confidence. Desert landscape vantage points that give a variety of gorgeous background possibilities to spark the imagination for filming and photography.”

If you’re an aspiring artist looking to create your own masterpiece, be sure to check out Peerspace’s vast selection of desert-based locales!

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