Where Was Stripes Filmed: Who Played Lee Harvey in Stripes?

The basic training sequences were conducted at Fort Knox, Kentucky. The United States Army Armor Center, which trains new tank crewmen and armoured cavalry soldiers for the US Army, is located at Fort Knox. Although they have been destroyed and transformed into an urban warfare training centre since the movie was filmed there, the barracks from the movie are still present on the grounds of Fort Knox.

The mud wrestling scenario was almost entirely made up on the spot by director Jason Reitman. Candy struggled with his anxiety during the entire production, but director Jason Reitman was able to soothe him. The spatula scene was filmed at three in the morning, after the cast and crew had been up all day.

Where Was Stripes Filmed

What is “Stripes”?

Just over 40 years ago, the screwball comedy “Stripes” came out, and Bill Murray still delivers one of his greatest performances. Murray plays John Winger in the film, a lovable loser who joins the military and enrols in basic training after getting dumped by his fiancée and losing his job.

What comes next is a lighthearted comedy about basic training that features many actors who would go on to have successful careers, including Sean Young, Bill Paxton, and John Larroquette.

The authenticity of the surroundings, especially during the basic training moments, is one of the film’s pleasures. Where was “Stripes” filmed is still a question that fans have after 40 years.

Where exactly did “Ghostbusters” filmmaker Ivan Reitman find such breathtaking sites to shoot? We’ll take a look at some of the most well-known locales from the film that viewers will recognise and adore.

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Where Was the Movie Stripes Filmed?

The opening half of the film “Stripes,” during which the characters undergo basic training, is arguably its most recognisable and memorable section. Comedy gold can be made by watching the charming losers cope with the difficulties associated with army basic training.

Where was “Stripes” shot? is a topic that spectators are sure to ask given the realistic-looking military gear and base.

According to IMDB, the basic training scenes were shot at Fort Knox in Kentucky, which explains why the soldiers and equipment look so realistic. Fort Knox might be a familiar location thanks to the James Bond film “Goldfinger.”

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The United States Bullion Depository, where more than half of the nation’s gold reserves are kept, is located inside the fort. The General George Patton Museum of Leadership and the United States Army Human Resources Command are both located in Fort Knox.

You might be asking why Fort Knox was selected as the movie’s setting. The answers can be found in an interview with filmmaker Ivan Reitman and his writing partner Dan Goldberg published in The News Enterprise. In addition to having access to actual military hardware and more personnel, Fort Knox was close enough to Louisville to use for urban scenes. At the conclusion of the film, they also sued the neighbouring woodlands for the Czechoslovak woods.

Unfortunately, it appears that many of the film’s locales, including the parade field and barracks, have vanished after 40 years.

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Other Notable “stripes” Filming Locations

We can visit several additional movie locations after our tour of Fort Knox. It’s all a part of our effort to discover the location of “Stripes” filming.

At the conclusion of the film, we mentioned the scenes for the Czechoslovakia portions. The historic Chapeze Distillery is where they filmed the scene of the Russian outpost, according to the Louisville Courier Journal. In actuality, it is presently owned by the Jim Beam corporation in Clermont, Kentucky. From the time of its founding in the late 1800s through Prohibition, the distillery has a rich history.

The German resort that Bill Murray’s character visits is another place that fans may recognise. One of the few places was here that wasn’t in Kentucky. The Greystone Mansion on Loma Vista Drive in Beverly Hills, California is where they actually shot it.

The mansion was built in 1928, and the city eventually bought it in 1965, according to Movie Maps. It is now a park and historical site that you are welcome to explore. The mansion has been used in numerous other motion pictures, including “Ghostbusters 2,” another film starring Bill Murray.

Where Was Stripes Filmed

Who Played Lee Harvey in Stripes?

Australian actor Daniel Peter Webber, who was born on June 28, 1988, has been in a number of movies. Among others, Webber is most known for playing Lee Harvey Oswald in the American science fiction thriller miniseries 11.22 and Mötley Crüe frontman Vince Neil in the 2019 movie The Dirt.


“Stripes” was released 40 years ago today. The screwball comedy about basic training stars Bill Murray, Sean Young and John Larroquette. The basic training scenes were shot at Fort Knox in Kentucky, which explains why the soldiers and equipment look so realistic. The barracks from the movie are still present on the grounds of Fort Knox. The United States Bullion Depository and General George Patton Museum are located inside Fort Knox.

The historic Chapeze Distillery is where they filmed the scene of the Russian outpost. The Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills, California was built in 1928 and is now a park and historical site. Daniel Peter Webber played Lee Harvey Oswald in the film, among other roles.

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