Where Was Seinfeld Filmed? Is the Soup Nazi’s Restaurant Actual?


Where was the television series Seinfeld filmed? Even though the iconic must-see NBC series ended in 1998 after nearly a decade of airing, it continues to be popular. It continues to air weekly on cable television, and a legion of fans continue to quote its timeless quips. But where was it shot? Was the event in New York?

The Location of Jerry Seinfeld’s Apartment.

The apartment of Jerry Seinfeld was a key set for the NBC show. Jerry and Cosmo Kramer reside on the Upper West Side of Manhattan in Seinfeld. It is located in close proximity to Riverside Park, Juilliard, and the New York Historical Society.

His address is listed as 129 West 81st Street. Jerry Seinfeld resides in apartment 5A, while Kramer resides in apartment 5B. The interior was constructed on a soundstage. The exterior however? Surprisingly, it isn’t in New York City. In fact, it is not even in the state of New York.

It spans the entirety of the nation. The exterior photograph of Jerry’s apartment was taken from a California apartment complex. Where exactly was Seinfeld filmed? At least in the case of Jerry Seinfeld’s apartment, the majority of interiors were shot in a studio, with one exterior shot from Los Angeles.

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Where Was Tom’s Restaurant Filmed — Seinfeld?

In contrast to Jerry’s, the iconic diner where he, Elaine Benes, George Constanza, and Kramer frequently ate is located in New York City. It is in the Manhattan neighbourhood of Morningside Heights. Jerry and his companions could walk there in two miles.

They could take the Hudson Line of the subway or walk there in forty minutes. The exterior shots were captured there, but the interior shots were not. First, it is a real diner that did not close for sitcom filming.

The interior of Tom’s diner is incredibly cramped and small. It resembles a Waffle House more than the set they constructed at CBS Studio Center. But if you’re ever in Manhattan, you should definitely visit. They own photographs and Seinfeld memorabilia (some for sale).

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Is the Soup Nazi’s Restaurant Actual?

Similarly to Tom’s, the soup shop is authentic. Although Seinfeld was able to get away with it, it is now unacceptable to refer to an immigrant as a “Nazi” for any reason. The restaurant Soup Man was located at 55th West in Midtown.

Al Yaganeh ran the renowned soup restaurant. According to legend, he is an Armenian immigrant from Iran who was a notorious despot (in real life). He was strict about the behaviour of his customers in his store. His motto was “the client is always in the wrong.” And he is correct.

According to reports, he was not pleased to be lampooned on the show. He kicked Jerry Seinfeld out of his shop before demanding an apology (which he did not actually receive). The show, according to Yaganeh, “ruined” his business.

Another classic film referenced The Soup Man. In the film Sleepless in Seattle. A character in the film stated that it is “the greatest soup” served by “America’s most despicable man.” Years later, the soup restaurant fell into disrepair and shut down.

Where was the television series Seinfeld filmed? It was filmed in front of a live audience by NBC. Still, they added a laugh track. They taped on the CBS lot in Studio City. And production was also shot on Brownstone Street on the Universal Studios backlot.

Where can one view Seinfeld? All nine seasons are available on Netflix. In addition, episodes are broadcast live on Comedy Central and some local affiliates.

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